Abortion… up to birth under the democrats…

Democrats says women don’t know if they want baby or not before giving birth, right? The democrat support abortion for teens and minors and don’t teach them to have sex with a condom, right? They like abortion, the democrat, right? How many babies gets killed a year? Does it impact the women to have a baby after an abortion? When yes, do they tell this the supposably mum when they are teens?

Do they tell them the risk of an abortion to their body?

Saudi prince threatens the West on the backlash to OPEC+ cut

What the socialist democrats are doing? The democrats want war with Russia, Saudis… it looks like… We will have terrorist attacks, do our politicians wants this in America?

We have our own oil, why not using this? Why we threaten others for oil? Everything is going down the drain or the toilet… is this good for America and special for Americans?

We are not doing good at all; it will change soon or what?

We had peace under President Donald Trump, this was bad?

We have in off… We the People…

We are not doing good because of the politic, war, food crisis, food prices, rent prices, gas prices, covid-19 hoax, covid-19 murder, covid-19 vaccine murder, everything went up except our salary… Why are they doing this to their own people?

The video is accompanied by a report from Pearson Sharp, who explains that doctors are reporting foreign compounds being found in the shots given to COVID vaccination victims…

Is it murder when the government says it’s safe and people die on it, everywhere? The democrats socialist says it’s safe and effective and we all know it’s not, how we call this?

True the Vote leaders arrested after refusing to reveal confidential informant…


For not giving the whistleblower, is this legal? The democrats never had to give the whistleblower, why True the Votes has to do it?

VAERS Data showed a safety signal for myocarditis as early as 10 weeks after the rollout of the shots and deliberately hid it from the US public…

The CDC withheld the data for 3 months knowing it was a serious issue and allowed a further 40% of the US population to get injected.

Is this criminal to hide this for many months? When people put it on Twitter or Facebook they were blocked, is this criminal to block information to safe people, to let them know?

Everyone who died in the first three months after the covid-19 vaccine, is it considered murder when they knew people will die and not telling the people this can happen? When did the CDC put this side effects on their website? People got blocked, canceled… for saying this can happen from January 2021 until May, and the CDC knew this and didn’t tell people… even the pharma had a nine pages list of side effects and they had to look into it and that was end of April 2021, and they didn’t tell this to the people… they knew this already before it just was written end of April…, right? middle of page 6, Myocarditis…

In May 2021, the government said everyone who dies in the first 10 or 14 days after the covid-19 vaccine died on the covid-19 virus and not on the Covid-19 vaccine, think about it…. right, you remember?

“Listen, Do They Think We’re Idiots?” – Steve Bannon and Mathew Tyrmand Discuss the Improbable Brazilian Election Results that Look a Lot Like the “Drop and Roll”…

Who won? Was it legal what happen?

Bill Gates Depopulation: Died Suddenly Mega Compilation


There are so many people just dying, young people like never before… and tit started with the covid-19 vaccine. Is the covid-19 vaccine safe, because the CDC is telling us this?

Watch the video, it is shocking how many just died… and probably more will die… because it’s not stopping… this are only a few…

There are so many people just dying, young people like never before… and tit started with the covid-19 vaccine. Is the covid-19 vaccine safe, because the CDC is telling us this?

Shocking Poll: 44% of Vaccinated Australians Express Regret, 2/3 Say Measures Were Too Heavy-Handed….

“Not a single person said they were unvaccinated and regret the decision.”

35% said they would do it again the covid-19 vaccine, that means 65% are not happy with it and they would not do it again, right?

When you have so many people who are against it, we can say it was wrong or criminal to do this mandate in Australia and everywhere, right?

We know now that the vaccine doesn’t protect you from being infected again, it doesn’t protect you from dying because people are dying from it, it doesn’t protect you from a heart attack, myocarditis, blood clot…. right? It even promotes heart attacks, Myocarditis and Pericarditis, blood clots, Anaphylaxis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)….

Why is the CDC saying the covid-19 vaccine is safe when you can die from it? How many people have to die to not say it’s safe?

We know when officially 31,569 people dies on the covid-19 vaccine, it’s considered safe, right? 59,127 got disabled from the vaccine and that’s not in off to say it’s not safe, right?