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The CDC Proves to Be Liars AGAIN as HPV-Related Cancers Increased over the Past 15 Years…

Obesity is the number one killer in America, why it gets promoted to be fat in America? What is in our food?

Now we have also this mRNA covid-19 vaccine and since it started the cancers are stronger and more in younger people, right?

All the food and medicines are approved by the FDA, right? What is the government doing with us, We the People?

Researchers Pressured Twitter To Treat COVID-19 Facts as ‘Misinformation’…

People telling the truth and twitter punish them and says it misinformation, is this legal when they knew it was right, but twitter said it was not?

Pressure knowingly lies and then people die because of this lies, is that criminal?

Documents show the covid-19 vaccines are dangerous…

How will it affect the future of humans?

It looks like it’s a genocide with what happen, right?

Can someone explain

Why the FDA is not pulling the covid-19 vaccine with the booster from the market when so many people die from it?

The FDA pulled an eyedrop because it killed one person.


This are some side effects from the covid-19 vaccines, why is this not a problem for the FDA? Why is the covid-19 vaccine not pulled of the market because it can be deadly?

West Australian government finally releases 2021 vaccine safety data: vaccines have been pulled from the market for far less than this…


The pic speaks for itself, the covid-19 vaccine is not safe at all, right? They lied to the people all over the world with saying the covid-19 vaccine is safe and is fully approved, right?

Chest pain would mean myocarditis, heart damage, right?

How many people were thinking the covid-19 vaccine is fully approved when it was not? The mass media reported like the covid-19 vaccine is fully approved, right? Look what CNBC is reporting about the booster for the kids younger than 5 years old, it looks like the booster is fully approved, right? The words (EUA) emergency use authorization is never used in the Article, right?

What people thing when a booster is FDA authorized and the words emergency is not used?

FDA authorizes (EUA) Pfizer’s Covid omicron booster as fourth shot for kids under 5…

The new covid-19 booster for kids under 5 years old is an experiment, EUA means, emergency use authorization.

Why is it not mention in this CNBC article that it’s under emergency use authorization this covid-19 booster for kids?


They tested it on 60 kids and that’s already in off? This booster for the young ones is only testes on 60 kids, that’s already considered a test and it’s in off to say it’s safe?

The covid-19 virus is no danger to the babies and kids, right? Why vaccinating the kids with an experimental covid-19 vaccine, when we see adults dying from it? What happen to the kids when they grow up, how does this covid-19 vaccine impact the growing? We don’t know, that’s the problem, right?

No Organ Is Safe: Covid-19 Vaccine-Induced Autoimmune Attack in the Brain, the Heart, the Lungs, etc…

The covid-19 vaccine attacks the organs in the body, and the CDC, FDA, Government says the covid-19 vaccine is safe, right? It’s crime to say something is safe but it can kill you, right?

How many people have problems now what they didn’t have before getting the Covid-19 vaccine?

The covid-19 pandemic was illegal, they lied to us and took our constitutional rights away…

To take our freedom away is illegal and that what the governors did in 2020, right? To mandate an experimental vaccine is illegal, right? To force people to take an experimental vaccine is illegal and at the same time the white house, CDC, FDA, congress, Moderna, Pfizer… staff was not forced to take the experimental covid-19 vaccine, they were not under the covid-19 vaccine mandate, why, is it not safe for this people but it’s safe for everyone else in America?

In the constitution it says equal protection of the laws for everyone, right?

Why there weas no mandate for white house, CDC, FDA, congress, Moderna, Pfizer… staff?

Video of UK Health Secretary at the time Matt Hancock deploying “new variant” a few days after scheming to “frighten the pants of everyone” to “get proper behavior” change from the public in Dec 2020 with the assistance of the mainstream media…

It was all planed, right? We know that the covid-19 vaccine was and is a hoax and that people die on it, right? The covid-19 vaccine was a big lie and the governments, pharma, most doctors, FDA, CDC… went with is, right?

Prove, they lied to us…

Now our kids getting this experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine…

The biggest problem is they didn’t say to the people that it is an experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right? Everyone was thinking it was fully approved, right? Mandating an experimental vaccine is illegal, right?

BILL GATES CRIMES: U.S. patents show CDC ownership of Coronavirus. Both China and the U.S. involved in the creation of Wuhan SARS-CoV-2. Gates and CCP controlled WHO appoints criminal Tedros. CDC, FDA, CIA, NIH, Gates, Fauci, Baric, Rockefeller are all involved in Federal Crimes…

It started a while ago… what happens today was all planed, right? Right now, we have a excess death all over the world, since this experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine started, right? You don’t believe it, search online for it… The depopulation has started official, right?

Insect in food…

Insects found in JUNK FOOD https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33640239/
2) Much like shellfish allergies, chitin allergies are an anaphylaxis risk. Not reading labels of food stuffs containing insect protein can prove to be a huge problem. Even if not allergic, it can induce lung inflammation.

3) in addition to inflammation, when you block one of the major therapeutics that treat inflammation, that could be disastrous.

4) In countries and populations naive to this component in their diet, will there be dose response severity? Who wants to roll the dice? By binding to Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR-2) it triggers inflammation.

5) We are carnivorous. Their goal is to take away meat, under the completely false guise of #FakeAGW aka anthropogenic climate change. Truth is, it’s easier to rule a weaker population. That said, will they start sneaking insect protein in our foods? Nothing fancy, just crickets

6) Read your labels and when you find it, share it on social media to alert others of this potentially harmful additive. Any ingredient that came from something with an exoskeleton should be labeled with an allergy warning.

7) and H/T to on evidence if prion rods in some ectopods. That’s a risk I’m not too interested in taking.

Who wants this to eat and not knowing?