KJP: “I hate to break it to you, Peter, just like everybody else, we very much monitor the news…”

Who decides what is misinformation? We had a lot of misinformation the last two years, from the government and the news, is this acceptable, or ok? Freedom of the press, right?

Klaus Schwab: ‘God Is Dead’ and the WEF is ‘Acquiring Divine Powers’


The Socialist communist are not even hiding anymore, they tell us direct in our face what they want to do, watch and listen…

There will be no freedom for the people anymore, right?

EU warns Musk that Twitter faces ban over content moderation -FT…


That means in the EU is no freedom of the people, everything is government controlled, right? The last time this happen was with Hitler, right? Is the EU going back this in an modern way?


Klaus Schwab, how he likes the China system…

The Nazis did this too, right? He was born in Germany 1938 under the Nazis, right? He likes to control the people? What is his goal? Who works with Klaus together?

Mockingbird Media confirmed PCR Tests were laced with poisonous chemical Sodium Azide…


That means when someone put it the wrong way up the nose and it started bleeding, the chemical on the PCR test went in the blood stream?

How many people got hurt, perforated with the covid-19 PCR test?

There’re other bad things on this PCR test kits, right?

PCR test Brain barrier damage…


Why some people where bleeding after the PCR test? Could the wall to the brain be damage by the PCR test? When yes, what could happen to the person?


FBI Wants 66 Years to Release Seth Rich Laptop Data It Said It Didn’t Have…


Seth Rich got murdered on the street in DC and the cameras where not working right? The murder is not solved, right? How can it be now days that a murder is not solved, with all the technologies we have? Just watch CSI Miami from 2012 and we see the technologies what we already had at this time. Every murder can be solved now days, and when not, it’s because someone don’t want this, right?

The FBI wants to hide the info for 66 years, why? It’s the same with the covid-19 vaccine data from Pfizer, the FDA wanted to hide it for 75 years, again, why?