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Kids are dying now on cardiac arrest, blood clots, myocarditis… like never before, and all of them are mRNA covid-19 vaccinated, right?

Kids are dying in school, playing sports and just die on the spot, this happen never before like this, right?

It all started when the covid-19 vaccine started with the kids, right? We never had this before the mRNA covid-19 vaccine started, right?

National Divorce is not civil war, but becoming a necessary reality because of our irreconcilable differences…

What’s coming? Everyone should ask, are we doing better since Joe is in the White House or worse?

Surfing Icon Says She’ll Boycott Professional Tour Over Transgender Competitors…

This is anti-women that bio-male can compete against bio-female, right?

It only gos one-way, male combete against women… all the women should protest and stop doing anything, right?

The democrat party support this, right? How can you vote democrat when the democrat party takes the rights of women away?

In any sport now the bio male will win against the bio women, right?

In just this past one week, who else had a blood clot… all had the covid-19 vaccine…

All of them had the covid-19 vaccine and all of them are young, right? The covid-19 vaccine is safe, the CDC tells us, right?

What is the measure to say a vaccine is safe? How many people can die on vaccine and the CDC still can say it’s a safe vaccine?

Riley Gaines, she found herself competing against Lia Thomas, a biological male transgender athlete who dominated women’s swimming in 2022…

Who thinks that this is fair? A biological male against a biological woman…. when we see what happens we know it not fair… why we allowing this? We will have biological males winning in all women sports, is that fair? Who wants this?

There are no biological women winning in man sports…. think about this.