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Dr. McCullough US Senate: to Save Lives Pull the COVID-19 Vaccines off the Market…

How many died already from the covid-19 vaccines? Kids, young adults just dying suddenly, and it didn’t happen like this before the covid-19 vaccine started, right?

How many people will die in the future from the covid-19 vaccine, because we still see healthy people dying suddenly, right?

The problem is it doesn’t stop this dying suddenly, right?

With no covid-19 symptoms, you were the problem… remember…

It’s not a problem that young adults, kids… dies from blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks etc… right? There is no problem because the mass media is not reporting this, right?

Think about it, we didn’t have these problems before the covid-19 vaccine started in kids, young adults, right?

Can someone explain, why healthy young people just die suddenly after getting the mRNA covid-19 vaccine? Is there an explanation?

Can some explain why this mRNA covid-19 vaccine and booster are safe and effective when we see this? How many people can die so that they still can say it’s safe and effective by law?

It’s said that this number are not the real numbers of injuries, death etc… it’s much more…

This was last year this report, now it’s even more, we don’t even know right?

@DowdEdward: “If the sudden deaths we’re seeing were occurring in the unvaccinated, this would be on every news channel 24/7. But it’s not. That’s all you need to know.”…

Why is nobody asking why the sudden death syndrome happens only in the covid-19 vaccinated people?

Young healthy people are dying like never before… it’s not a problem for the news, politic etc…

Why young healthy people are dying? Why people just die suddenly when they are healthy and 10 seconds later, they are dead?

Why young people have more cancer now than ever before? Everything started when the covid-19 vaccine started, right?

In 2020 nobody healthy just died suddenly in the street, at home, sleeping, working, walking etc… right? It started that healthy people just died suddenly in the street, at home, sleeping, working, walking etc… when the mRNA covid-19 vaccine started, right?

Think about it, in 2020 everyone who died on this Covid-19 or corona, died in the hospital, right?

How the covid-19 vaccine will affect the future for the people who got the mRNA covid-19 vaccine…

We don’t know how it will affect the future because there’re no long-term studies, right? People are still dying suddenly, right? Every day we see in the news that some just died, right?

So many people just died suddenly since the covid-19 vaccine started… it’s still not reported from the mass media…

People, Athletes, friends, co-workers, family members… who all were covid-19 vaccinated… right?

Everyone who died, Rest in Peace

GOVERNMENT CRIMES: They paid doctors and nurses to murder innocent patients. They faked Covid cases and deaths to instill fear in the population. They denied safe early treatments murdering millions of innocent people…

In 2020 all covid deaths were in the hospitals, nobody died of covid-19 at home, sleeping, walking, running, working… right? People started to die suddenly at home, at work, sleeping walking, working… when the mRNA covid-19 vaccine started, right?

Dr. McCullough MD: “When we see a young person now who’s previously healthy, no antecedent illness, and they suddenly die … it is the COVID-19 vaccine and subclinical myocarditis…

How many people die like this and didn’t have the mRNA covid-19 vaccine? How many people just die suddenly and didn’t have the covid-19 vaccine?

Why is this not the biggest news in the world? Why are we giving now the mRNA covid-19 vaccine to our kids and babies? How many Babies died already suddenly since the mRNA vaccine started?

When it’s confirmed that people die suddenly from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, will it be mass murder or genocide…? The problem is we said it, the pharma, FDA, CDC… can’t say they didn’t know, right?

Australia: Death by Heart Attack Surges by 17% in 2022 – What Changed…

The problem is the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right?

Everywhere in the world where the covid-19 vaccine was used they have this problem, right?

Everything started to get extreme when the covid-19 vaccine started, right? Who is responsible? Is it mass murder when the mRNA covid-19 vaccine is responsible for the excess death?