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They paid doctors and nurses to murder innocent patients. They faked Covid cases and deaths to instill fear in the population. They denied safe early treatments murdering millions of innocent people…

They murdered people, it was mass murder, right? They scared us to death and put people to death, right?

People know what they did to us,

When a doctor gets paid to kill people knowingly, what will happen?

“The modern trans movement is using the LGBT community as a shield to push their radical agenda, a mutilation, sterilization and indoctrination of minors”….

Which party is supporting this, the democrat or the republican? They are destroying kids and their future, right?

The communist Australian government have decided that medical Doctors are useless, and from now on will be told what to say and do…

Australia is now communist when they do this, right? The government now says what kind of medicine the doctors have to give to the patients, right?

No freedom, means they are at war in Australia?

Woody Harrelson Slams COVID Set Protocols as ‘Nonsense,’ Urges Hollywood to ‘Stop’ Forcing ‘Vaccination’: That’s ‘Not a Free Country’…

Every country who made or allowed covid-19 vaccine mandate to work, to go out, to cross the border, to go to a concert, to go to restaurant etc… is not a free country, right? This communism marxism… right? Every country who blocks information, example covid info, mRNA vaccine info etc… is not a free country, right?

Every country who blocked this info from the public what came out was true, is not a free country, right?

Every country who put this wrong info out to the public and didn’t allow the trues, is not a free country, right?

How many countries are free in the world? How many countries respect their peoples voice? How many countries gives everyone a voice? How many countries were wrong and still block the info? How many countries bought the news media in the pandemic so that they report what the government wanted? How many countries went against the Nuremberg Code?

Who is now responsible for the sudden death?


It is a genocide on the people, right? What was done to the people is worse than anything else in humans’ history, right?

Many people believed their doctors, who got probably paid by someone, otherwise they would have not given this experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine to the people and told them it’s safe, right? Was the government, pharma, FDA, CDC power so big that even doctors went for it and didn’t question it? The mass media stream it 24/7, it was hard to not believe this, right?

Who is responsible for all of that? Who had the control over all of this? Who had all the countries follow it?

We see now how many special young people just drop dead everywhere, right? People just dying on the street, at work, sleeping, walking, playing… like never before, right?

Did you know that tomorrow, there will be a vote on @WHO’s CA+ draft, which will transform the WHO into a powerful public health technocracy with the power of a world government…

It’s only the start, right? Who will have the power? Who is involved, WEF, UN, WHO…? Is this legal for a non-American to be above the constitution of America?

At the WEF Davos, we are to many people on earth… the plane is going on since a while to depopulate the earth… look at the food, medicine, vaccines, air quality…

That means they working on to depopulate the earth population, right? Listen to her and think what’s going on today with this covid-19 vaccine mandate… What is the government doing…

The WHO pandemic treaty is quietly being agreed behind the scenes & pushed through via the backdoor. All governments are signed up… This would make WHO a World Government if there was a global health crisis…

Who is in power or who is on top of this? We were seeing what they did with this fake covid-19 pandemic, how they took our freedom away, right? This is only the start, right? People loss al the rights, do the people wants this to happen again and more?

VACCINE DEATH AND INJURY: “This Is The Greatest Crime Scene I’ve Ever Seen In My Life”…

We can say this mass murder or a genocide, right? Why people are not more concerned about this sudden death? Why the mass media is not more concerned about this sudden death?

How much money is in this whole covid-19 vaccine and pandemic spend and who got extreme rich, with this pandemic?

Why is the CDC still saying the Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective when so many die on it? Again, how many people have to die on this covid-19 vaccine that the CDC and FDA says the covid-19 vaccine is not safe and take it off the market?

What we know that all of these deaths are not in off to say the covid-19 vaccine is not safe, how many more people have to die so that it’s in off?

Pandemic lies… covid-19 lies… covid-19 vaccine lies…

Everyone can see all the lies and understand, right? It looks like the whole pandemic was a lie and the government took our constitution away from us, we had not rights, right?

People died because of this lies and still do, right?