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“The greatest perpetrator of misinformation during the pandemic has been the United States government”…

Why they did this to We the People? The government with the paid mass media and social media lied knowingly to the people, why? Worse, the truth was blocked, and people died because of not knowing, right?

“Putting this needle with this gene in their arm is nothing short of child abuse anywhere in the world. Wrong shot, wrong protein, wrong virus with a lipid nanoparticle that we don’t know where it’s gonna land. We do know it goes to their ovaries. We do know that these kids, most, have had COVID. You never give a vaccine to someone who’s recovered from a disease. It’s scientifically illogical. So, brain, heart, any organ. Don’t touch the children; it’s abuse.”

The pharma, governments, mass media politicians… are killing our children, right? Never give an experimental vaccine to all the children, it’s child abuse, could be mass murder genocide, right?

Why are they doing this, what’s the goal? Is it depopulation of the earth what has started? Again, it’s mass murder genocide like never done before in human history, right?

Why giving an experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine to the children when they 99,999% survive the infection without any problem?

Never forget who is reporting this and who is pro all of this, right?

Ask youself, who is doing this, the socialist communist democrats or the republican patriots?

Grammy Satanism… for everyone… Baal…

Why they doing this, because they have less people talking about the Grammy and now they do this that people talk about it? Is it, because they are Satanism and they want to bring this to our kids like Balenciaga, Hollywood, Pfizer, democrats, music industry….

They are pro pedophilia, is it just a sexual orientation for them?

Baal is the hero for the Grammys?

Just look online Baal, what it means…