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Jesse Watters leaves lib co-host on The Five in SILENCE after imploding Alvin Bragg indictment against Trump…

This is criminal what they’re doing with President Trump, right? Where is the republican parts or the GOP?

Biden all but confirmed that his team is coordinating these Trump indictments to “stop Trump from taking power again”…

It’s not what the people want, it’s what the government want, right? This is communism, right?

The Albert Sensor Systems: How Government and a 501(c)3 Tracks Real-Time Election Data in 98% of the US – Put Into Effect by DHS After Trump Won in 2016…

How it works the Albert Network Monitoring and Management


That would mean it should be on the record what happen in 2020 and 2022 election, right? Is it not against the law to have to have the voting machines online or to have a wireless device on the voting machines active?

How does it work, and who is in charge of the government? Can this Albert system be hacked too?

Elon Musk Releases Documents That Reveal Twitter Helped Rig Brazilian Election For the CIA…

Where else in the World the social media was involved in election interference?


Where else in the World the social media was involved in election interference?

Voting machines are down all over the country…


Why this is happening, who is responsible for that? Witch voting machines, with what software are down?

True the Vote/2000 Mules Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips RELEASED from Federal Prison

That means it was illegal to put them in prison or the balance was not made in the middle, what also means, or we could say it was illegal to put them in prison, right?

Sarah Westall & Others Suing Google for Censorship, Reach 9th Circuit Then Intend to Appeal to Supreme Court…

Canceling it because the democrats say it to google or the democrats are involved, that means they were and are under the constitution, right? When the government is involved, it’s under the constitution so that the people are protected from the government, right?

Was that an illegal election interference from google in the 2020 election?