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Kevin McCarthy Directs House Committees To Investigate Partisan Witch Hunt Against Trump…

Let it start now too, right?

FBI/ DOJ has had evidence of multiple crimes committed by Hunter Biden, Joe Biden laptop evidence, documents, bank transactions, and not a damn thing has been done…

It’s all on the laptop and they said it was Russia… right? Know we know it’s all true and nothing happen, why? Hunter even admits’ it’s his laptop, right? Why is Garland not doing anything? Was it legal what Hunter and Joe did, what on the lap top?

What is the republican party doing with the lap top?


Did the ivermectin ban cost lives… Australia government banned Ivermectin, because people would not get the experimental covid-19 vaccine when they have Ivermectin…



The Australian government forced an experimental covid-19 vaccine on the people and more people died after the covid-19 vaccine was started, right?

Where else in the world they did this?

Federal Judges who denied Jan. 6th defendants their constitutional rights…

Is it a crime for a judge to take a decision who they know it’s wrong and against the constitution?

Freedom is not free and not doing nothing and just going with the government, you are not free…

We learned the last two years, going with the government, there will not be freedom, right? Ask yourself, how is it going the last two years with freedom around the world and in America?

MSNBC’s @FrankFigliuzzi1 on @TuckerCarlson reporting on unaired 1/6 footage: It “could pose a danger and threat in terms of violence.”…

The problem is that people will see what happen and that the capital police started it, right?

Everyone should get access to these videos, right? The big problem is for the democrats that it come out they committed treason, and the people starts to act like it’s written in the constitution, right?

It should not be any problem with these videos, because the democrats did everything the right way by law, right? When the democrats didn’t do the right thing, it will come out like it should be, right?

We the People and the government works for us, we are the employe, right?

The mainstream media all around the world was founded by the government under the pandemic, and it looks like still is…

The mainstream medias still report one way, what the governments wants, right? It’s a problem, the mainstream media is not independent, it’s founded by the government and that we call communism or dictatorship, right? This is a crime in our western democratic, republic society, right?

It would mean whatever the government approves can be published, right?

Lawyer Matthias Chiang makes criminal allegations against Director General of Malaysia’s Ministry of Health! “THE CRIME YOU HAVE COMMITED!” Matthias is not just a lawyer but an ex-political secretary to ex Prime Minister Mahathir…

People are getting pissed because people are dying from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine….

Safe and effective means healthy people can die from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, everywhere in the world when we listen to the Pharma, CDC, FDA… right?

People got lied to, because the most people who got the jab were thinking the mRNA covid-19 vaccine is fully approved and safe, right?

GOVERNMENT CRIMES: They paid doctors and nurses to murder innocent patients. They faked Covid cases and deaths to instill fear in the population. They denied safe early treatments murdering millions of innocent people…

In 2020 all covid deaths were in the hospitals, nobody died of covid-19 at home, sleeping, walking, running, working… right? People started to die suddenly at home, at work, sleeping walking, working… when the mRNA covid-19 vaccine started, right?