“They had deliberately, on Election Day, printed a 19 inch image on a 20 inch ballot…which meant that tabulators would reject them. And the map shows they did that in precisely Republican areas of Maricopa.”…

It was done on purpose, right? All the older people didn’t go to another location, because when you over 80 years of age, you don’t have the energy to go to another location after waiting already fortwo hours, right? It was all done in the republican counties, why? Who printed the ballots and who setup the machines?

Who was responsible for all of this?

AT&T’s DirecTV has REMOVED @newsmax from its lineup…

Who gave the order for this? How is the government involved? This is not open and freedom of the press anymore, the democrats are abusing their power, right? They did the same with One American News Network OAN, right?

What are the benefits of garlic, how Garlic can heal and improve the body…

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These two simple nutritional supplements trigger spike protein UNFOLDING and may neutralize its harmful properties…


The main problem is we don’t know what’s in the mRNA covid-19 vaccine jab, right? To find exactly how to fix the problem we need to know what is in the jab, rgiht?

It’s all a guessing, because the pharma’s don’t give us the information, we need, right?

What could help when someone has now an autoimmune system problem or the immune system is not working anymore like before the mRNA covid-19 vaccine is to eat garlic, because it pushes the immune system to get better, right?



Based Tennis star Victoria Azarenka is sick of Left-wing journos asking her about Russia…

The left is in power everywhere and we have war now, we didn’t have this when the left was not in power everywhere, right? Why is the journalist asking this question to an athlete?

Nobody is doing goo with what the left is doing to the people, right?

“Let’s start with 300k ballots with ZERO chain of custody in the 2022 election in Arizona…

60% of the machines where not working, 300,000 ballots with ZERO chain of custody, that’s not a problem for the democrats, right?

Democrats only can win when they cheat? Why not official check this out, when there was no problem, it would prove that and the democrats would be right, right?

Why don’t the democrats want this to investigated?


Either the Democrats do this on purpose, or they are stupid. right?

When you look at the signs, The worker, down arrow, dollar, that means the worker is making lee money, right?

Right now, the worker making less money because the taxes went up and all the prices in the stores, right? The worker und Joe has less money for them self, right? Everyone is paying more taxes, when Joe said that everyone who makes under $400,000 is not paying a single penny more taxes, that was lie from joe, right?

At the Davos WEF event titled “Are you ready for brain transparency?” The WEF speaker explained how brain-wave data collected by your ear pods will be used by your boss to make you “more productive” and help government authorities…

This technology exists already, who is using this already? The government will have full control over your thinking, no privacy anymore, right? Everything you thinking will be saved somewhere and some has access to it, right? It’s like the cloud, someone sees what people safe in the cloud, right?

There will be a new law about this, when you enter a spot, you need to have the earplugs and give access to your brain, right?

What when someone hacks your earplugs, and the government comes to your home because of your thinking?

The people will be totally controlled with that, right?

Stop the mRNA genetic “vaccines”. The technology is not safe…

So many people died already, special young normally healthy people, right? Ao many people got injured from the covid-19 vaccine, how many more so that the CDC, FDA, WHO says it’s not safe and we stop it?

What is the goal of this, it looks they depopulation of the earth…?