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New alarming development, The Covid Vaccine’s spike protein is not just effecting, but COMPLETELY ELIMINATING important GI bacteria from the gut for months after vaccination…

Without these healthy bacteria in the body, it affects everything negative, right? The whole immune system is not working properly, and people have pain and getting sick and mire, right?

Just think about it, a lot of mRNA covid-19 vaccinated people do now a colonoscopy, because the doctor says it, right? Is it because the people are missing the GI bacteria and it affects the colon?

It would mean the covid-19 vaccine is damaging the body and they know it, right?

Young healthy people are dying like never before… it’s not a problem for the news, politic etc…

Why young healthy people are dying? Why people just die suddenly when they are healthy and 10 seconds later, they are dead?

Why young people have more cancer now than ever before? Everything started when the covid-19 vaccine started, right?

In 2020 nobody healthy just died suddenly in the street, at home, sleeping, working, walking etc… right? It started that healthy people just died suddenly in the street, at home, sleeping, working, walking etc… when the mRNA covid-19 vaccine started, right?

Think about it, in 2020 everyone who died on this Covid-19 or corona, died in the hospital, right?

“This Was Absolutely Telegraphed” – Bill Gates & Company Formed a Plan to Profit off the Next Pandemic in 2017…

The Pandemic was planned…

Bill Gates in 2019 invested $55 million in BioNTech who produces the mRNA covid-19 vaccine for Pfizer, he knew the pandemic is coming and the mRNA covid-19 vaccine would be produced by BioNTech in 2020?

The pharma made so much money and we the people had and do suffer, right? It was all planned and it’s now a genocide, right?

@BernieSanders falsely asserted @NIH @pfizer @Moderna saved lives…

They lied to Bernie too that he is thankful? What is about the people who got damaged from the covid-19 vaccine and boosters?

Why should we be thankful when millions of people died, got injured, got paralyzed, body damage… from the covid-19 vaccine? Why should we be thankful when we got lied to?

Did Bernie get all the mRNA covid-19 vaccine and the boosters? We know, for the congress there was no covid-19 vaccine mandate, right?

Federal appeals court blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate for US government workers…

It was an executive order from Joe what someone has to put in the body and people died from it, right?

Why the White House, CDC, FDA, Pharma, congress, supreme court… didn’t have the covid-19 vaccine mandate? It was to safe life’s they said, why not saving the life of this workers? Was it safe or was it unsafe because it was an experiment?

Is it legal to mandate an experimental vaccine on the people?

The Nuremberg code says it’s not legal to mandate an experimental vaccine, right?

They told us you will not get the covid-19 virus when you get vaccinated…


This was a lie and they knew it, right?

More lies…

Georgia State Senator Rick Williams. He’s a funeral director. His embalmer noticed the strange clots happening after the COVID vaccines rolled out in 30% of the cases.

So many people like never before in history have now health problems from the covid-19 vaccine and the covid-19 vaccine is still now distributed, right?

This is a genocide and a muss murder this covid-19 vaccine, right?

Why is it not stopped is the question?

What has to happen so that the covid-19 vaccine and boosters are stopped?

Everything was lie with this covid, the unvaccinated are doing good now and the covid-19 vaccinated are not doing good now, right?

Who got the covid-19 vaccine from the ones who mandated it in the whole world? When someone knows a vaccine is not working and can be deadly, would the someone take the vaccine?

Deception and Lies – Senator Babet’s Bombshell Revelation on Covid Vaccination in Australia…

It happens all over the western world, we were all lied to, and people died from it, right? This is a genocide or muss murder because itv was mandated by the governments, right?

Let’s check every politician and their family’s who mandated it if they got the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right? Why should someone who knows it’s an experiment and can be deadly getting vaccinated?

SHOCK CLAIM! Airline Pilot @JoshYoder says 80% of pilots have taken the Covid Jab, as many airlines mandated it, says young, healthy pilots are suffering from myocarditis and “dropping dead on flights”…

To get an experimental vaccine as a pilot, is against the law, right? Why they forced an experimental covid-19 vaccine on the pilots, when it’s against the law?

Who is above the law?