LIVE: Entire Family MAIMED By DEATH SHOTS, Covid Cops & UN Plan TAKEOVER as New World Order Rises

What will happen in the future, when all of this is true?

Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue accuses government of using inflation to ‘enslave us for their own greed and power’

The Government want to control us…. Is this inflation made on purpose?

We the people are suffering, and it doesn’t look good that it will get better soon, who is responsible for that?

  • Food processing plant burning down
  • Transporting food is more expensive because of the gas and diesel price went extreme up…
  • Fertilizer price is four times higher to grow food now…
  • more regulation, more paperwork and more time

All of this, is responsible that the food price in the stores is up, and the government is responsible, right? All these problems started when the democrats took control over America on January 20th, 2021.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday officially declared four regions of occupied Ukraine part of Russia

That means the war is over?

Canadian actress Jennifer Gibson after covid-19 vaccine…

People are dying from the covid-19 vaccine, people getting paralyzed from the covid-19 vaccine, people getting myocarditis from the covid-19 vaccine, people losing their immune system, people have organs failure from the covid-19 vaccine, people having blood clots from the covid-19 vaccine, women have changes in their menstruation, women losing their baby, people are sicker now from the covid-19 vaccine, people getting infected again from the covid virus after getting the covid-19 vaccine, people getting cancer again after the covid-19 vaccine,….

But the CDC says the Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective…

PRAGUE RISING: THOUSANDS Protest in Czech Republic Against NATO and EU Destroying Their Way of Life – Demand End to Hostility Toward Russia

People have in off, this Ukraine, Russia thing is destroying everything everywhere… People are punished by their own government… and it’s getting worse…

Food prices up, electric price up, rent up, gas price up, gasoline price up, diesel up, cloth price up, everything is up… and the governments don’t want to stop it…

Sweetener in food and drinks… aspartame…

Is Aspartame safe for people. the FDA says yes, because it’s approved for drinks and food, right?

Side effects from sweetener Aspartame, short term

Conclusion: The observed changes show that ASP consumption may have deleterious effects. Therefore, the current study indicates that consumption of ASP was harmful to mice in relation to hematological and biochemical analysis and needs more scientific research to investigate its effects on other parameter

Side effects from sweetener Aspartame, long term

5. Conclusion

The present study shows that long-term administration of aspartame to male albino rats has a harmful effect on the structure of the sciatic nerve. It is recommended to restrict or avoid the use of aspartame as much as possible, and if its use is necessary, decrease the dose.

Other associated risks

Some research suggests that aspartame increases the riskTrusted Source of:

In other words people want to be good and lose wight and eat, drink diet… and it can damage your body on the end.

What is better, sugar or sweetener?

Transfusion Confusion: American Red Cross Caught Mixing Vaxxed Blood With Unwaxed Blood

The red cross is saying it doesn’t matter, the blood is the same… there is prove that this is not true…

Why are people getting blood clots from the vaccine? It’s the blood what clots, that means it is in the blood or it affects the blood when it clots, right? When now someone is getting this blood now, it can clot too, right?