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Government report finds that fluoride lowers children’s IQ – bureaucrats quickly bury it…

Just check the water fountains in the schools, make a test how much fluoride is in the water what the kids are drinking… It can be filtered out but these filters are expensive… check it…

Mother leaves school board silent after reading SEX MATERIAL from library and classroom books that target children as young as 5…

This what democrats do and support in school, right? This is pedophilia, right?

A 10 month-old Baby Could Have FOUR Covid Shots for “Best Protection”…

Why parents want to give to their babies an experimental covid-19 vaccine with boosters when the covid-19 virus is no danger to the babies? How many babies died on the covid-19 virus and how many survive the covid-19 virus without any problem? Using an experimental covid-19 booster for babies, it would mean that a lot of babies die like adults, right?

Do the doctor, nurses, drug store etc… who give this booster says to the parent that it’s an experimental covid-19 booster? There is no long-time data for the boosters, right?

0.001% or less babies died from the first alpha covid-19 virus, they say, do babies need a booster for an mutated omicron covid-19 virus? When a virus mutates, it becomes less strong, right? How is the death in % now for the omicron covid-19 virus for babies?

Please help stop college vaccine mandates by filling out one simple form…

There are more kids dying with the covid-19 vaccine than without the covid-19 vaccine, right? Kids have now blood clots, heart attacks, myocarditis, sudden death etc… and all or 99.999% of them had the covid-19 vaccine, right? We didn’t have this kind of death in kids so regular, right?

Lets help Steve to get the data so that he can make this public so everyone can see it, right? There at the moment no data for kids, how many kids are dying on myocarditis, blood clots, heart attack, sudden death etc… from the covid-19 vaccine, right?

FDA authorizes (EUA) Pfizer’s Covid omicron booster as fourth shot for kids under 5…

The new covid-19 booster for kids under 5 years old is an experiment, EUA means, emergency use authorization.

Why is it not mention in this CNBC article that it’s under emergency use authorization this covid-19 booster for kids?

They tested it on 60 kids and that’s already in off? This booster for the young ones is only testes on 60 kids, that’s already considered a test and it’s in off to say it’s safe?

The covid-19 virus is no danger to the babies and kids, right? Why vaccinating the kids with an experimental covid-19 vaccine, when we see adults dying from it? What happen to the kids when they grow up, how does this covid-19 vaccine impact the growing? We don’t know, that’s the problem, right?

Bill Gates is either one of the most misunderstood men alive, or the most convincing conmen to ever live… The Bill Gates life…

How many People died in Africa, south America, America, Asia, Europe, Australia because of vaccines from Bill Gates? Bill Gates is testing vaccines all around the world, right?

@P_McCulloughMD Explains Why the Jab, Not the Virus, Is Largely Responsible for Uptick in Heart Damage

That means they are killing people, right? It would mean saying the vaccine is safe and effective is a crime, fraud, genocide… right? Lying knowingly to the people and then people die of this lie is murder or mass murder, right?

“The modern trans movement is using the LGBT community as a shield to push their radical agenda, a mutilation, sterilization and indoctrination of minors”….

Which party is supporting this, the democrat or the republican? They are destroying kids and their future, right?

Myocarditis, heart damage in kids…

Every person, every kid who had chest pain after the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine could have heart damage, right? How many people had chest pain after the shots?

When someone has chest pain where the heart is, it means the heart is going to some problems and there will be marks, right? Some are little marks, some are big marks, but the heart will not be the same, like it was before, right?

Everyone should check the heart who had chest pain, just to make sure, right?

It’s common know in kids to have myocarditis, that’s why they make advertisements about this, right?

Healthy people are not good for the Pharma, that’s why they start already with the kids to make lifetime customers, right?

Wow. An 11-year-old boy named Knox Zajac from Maine confronted his school board by reading them pornographic material found in his middle school…

How many parents are so quiet when this happens to their kids in middle school? When someone talks like this at work to someone, what happens? When someone talks to someone in the street like this, what happens? Who is supporting this and why?