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Silicon Valley Bank has now collapsed, and 95% of deposits were uninsured…

Who will lose money on this?

Who is getting rich with this collapse?

“World War III solves a lot of issues (for the perpetrators): solves the sovereign debt crisis and solves the vaccine murder that’s gone on — wipes a bunch of stuff off the map — and directs everyone’s attention to a world war.”…

Everything will be forgotten what happen before when we have WW3, right?

Ep. 2945b – Release Of Twitter Files Is Just The Warmup Act, Declass, Pain, Treason, Sedition, Justice

The lies about Covid-19 vaccines, inflation, Ukraine, election, mRNA Vaccine… are coming out, right? Everyone should think about what just happen the last three years, how many lies we were told…. think about it…

All the lies came to the people truth the news, social media, right? Control the media and they have the power over the people, it’s that simple, right?

Politicians and investing money in the stock market…

Politicians becoming multi-millionaire with $174’000 yearly salary… They can control the market with government regulations, laws, what to buy, what to sell and then they are investing their money, should this be legal? The politicians have no risk when they invest their money, because they control it with your tax money…, right?

The government votes to send military equipment to Ukraine, the government votes witch company they are getting the military gears from and then they invest in this company because the stock is getting higher because they have a big sell to the government, right? The politicians can do this in anything, without risks, right?

Should this be allowed?

The Fed risks overdoing rate hikes as it tries to prove its credibility, Guggenheim’s Scott Minerd warns: ‘They’re going to push it until it breaks’

How many times they want to put the dollar higher? They say it will be better for the inflation, since they started it, the inflation got worst… for who is it better? We all know for the people it is getting worst, again who makes profit out of putting the dollar higher?


Fed hikes interest rates by 0.75 percentage point for second consecutive time to fight inflation

Is it good that the dollar is higher for companies who export goods? Will nations overseas buy thing from America when it’s more expensive?

It’s only good to buy thing outside of America when you import things to America but selling from America is now too expensive for outsiders to buy, right?

Who is making money when the dollar is higher? How is rate hike good for the American people, because since they started this rate hikes, it got worst for Americans wallet?

The banks making more money and getting richer, how is that good for the people? Will the prices be coming down on everything?

Dow Falls 400 Points as Experts Warn Bear Market Rally Is ‘Grinding to a Halt’…

The stock market lost so much since Joe is in the White House, why? Who is making the money? The smaller companies are doing ok or only the big ones?

How will it go, the rest of the year with the stock market?

Did This Democrat Senator Just Admit to Insider Trading…

Do they make profits out of their voting? Athletes can’t bet on their own team because they could cheat so that they win their betting’s…. How is it in the congress would they vote for something even when they don’t agree, just because they will win the bet and make good money?

Should it be forbidden for congress to make money on the stock market on their voting?

Digital $, government wants to know what you buy and how much, putting a limit…



When you buy too much gasoline for your car, there will be a monthly limit. When you by too much meat a month, there will be a limit. Wehn you by too much….

The government will decide how much you can use or buy, it’s not your money anymore…

The only can do this with digital money, that why they want everything digital specially the money… It started already with the $ digital in America…

Techno Fascism

The government will have control over everything, Money banking, buying, spending, incoming, digital reading… everything what will be digital? Executive order 14067 is the start of this or it’s already fully in progress…. Do Americans want this control from the government over the Americans?