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Having come from the world of Big Pharma, Ashley was devastated to discover her batch was known as ‘the death batch’ and the Australian TGA knew about it. Still suffering heart issues 18 months after her booster she joined a local support group which now has over 700 members…


Different batches of the covid-19 vaccines, a list


Who knew the covid-19 vaccine is dangerous and didn’t get the jab? Did Albert Bourla get his mRNA covid-19 vaccine and boosters from his Pfizer company?

Who lied to the people with saying they got the covid-19 vaccine so that the people get it too?

Albany County providing AEDs (Automated external defibrillators) to little leagues…


Automated external defibrillators is to put the heart back to beat, right? Little kids can now have heart attacks, or the heart can just stop working, right?

Since the mRNA covid-19 vaccine started for the kids, kids are getting heart attacks, cardiac arrests, myocarditis etc… right?

We didn’t have this problem in 2020, when the covid-19 virus was the strongest one and we didn’t have a vaccine, right?

Now it’s a common thing for kids to have heart attacks, myocarditis, cardiac arrest…, when it’s not the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, what is it?

Sudden Death: More People Will Needlessly Die Because Doctors Aren’t Screening for Vax Side Effects…

1 from 5 people have now clinical myocarditis and have maybe around 5 years left in their life… because also they don’t even know they have myocarditis and still push their heart, right?

Evgen in kids it’s now common to have myocarditis, the commercial prove us this, right?

In 2020 almost nobody knew myocarditis, it started when the covid-19 vaccine started, right?

Why is it not a problem this sudden death now days? Healthy people just dying in the street, at work, playing, sleeping, walking… and these people had no issue before and are dead 10 seconds later, that means the heart just stopped, right?

What does the mRNA do to the Body, Immune Systems…

People are more sick than before they got the covid-19 vaccine and boosters, right? People after the Covid-19 vaccine getting the turbo cancer, the immune system is lower, people getting myocarditis, heart attacks, blood clots, allergies, getting paralyzed, people are more tired, people die from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine… right? Is this normal and can we call this a safe vaccine?

People who were ok and never were sick with covid, but they got sick when they got the mRNA covid-19 vaccine and boosters, right?

With no covid-19 symptoms, you were the problem… remember…

It’s not a problem that young adults, kids… dies from blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks etc… right? There is no problem because the mass media is not reporting this, right?

Think about it, we didn’t have these problems before the covid-19 vaccine started in kids, young adults, right?

Can someone explain, why healthy young people just die suddenly after getting the mRNA covid-19 vaccine? Is there an explanation?

Can some explain why this mRNA covid-19 vaccine and booster are safe and effective when we see this? How many people can die so that they still can say it’s safe and effective by law?

It’s said that this number are not the real numbers of injuries, death etc… it’s much more…

This was last year this report, now it’s even more, we don’t even know right?

BREAKING: mRNA injections disable your natural immune system causing all kids of disease along with heart problems and blood clots. Lancet study and other studies prove the mRNA injections are dangerous and deadly…

Who has now more problems with their body since the covid-19 vaccine? Who is more sick and longer sick when they have a sickness than before the covid-19 vaccine?

People started to talk about that the heart muscle and the immune system get damaged from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine already more than a year ago and people got blocked on social media and the mass media didn’t report it, why?

The problem now is that people are getting sicker with everything because the immune system is weak, right?

Dr Robert Malone tried a something different and it worked he says to detox from the spike protein, read and listen what he has to say…

Autopsy proven @Pfizer myocarditis kills a perfectly healthy man within hours right in front of doctors with all resuscitation capabilities in a hospital and takes teenage boys at home at sleep with no chance for CPR…

Healthy athletes just dying on the field, healthy people just dying on the street, at work, walking, having fun… right? All of this people feel super healthy and 15 seconds later they are dead, why the mass media is this not questioning?

Even in kids now, myocarditis is a normal thing now that they even make advertisement to treat this… This all started when the covid-19 vaccine started, right?

Report 64: Re-Humanizing Data Using “Intramyocardial Inflammation after COVID-19 Vaccination: An Endomyocardial Biopsy-Proven Case Series.”…

People are dying from the covid-19 vaccine and Pfizer CEO says there is no safety signal….

What should we think about Albert, special the people who extreme side effects from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine and booster?

@RandPaulConfronts Moderna CEO About the Risk of Myocarditis in Young Males… Paul: “You’re saying that for ages 16 to 24, among males who take the COVID vaccine, their risk of myocarditis is less than people who get the disease”….


This is criminal, right? The covid-19 virus is not deadly at all for children and young adult, like the normal flue, why vaccinating them? Kids are dying mire since the mRNA covid-19 vaccine started, can someone explain why?

Nobody talk about kids having myocarditis in 2020, it started when the covid-19 vaccine started, right? Why making a myocarditis advertisement after the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine started for the kids?

The mRNA covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna can be deadly for kids, right? Why vaccinating kids when the virus is not deadly for kids, but the mRNA vaccine can be deadly? Is this a genocide or a mass murder when they know it can be deadly the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine and the strongest covid in 2020 was not deadly for healthy kids?

German Hospital Data Reveals Massive Signal in Multisystemic Harm German in-patient hospital DRGs, ICDs & procedures in 2022 YTD (as of May 2022) vs. 2019 baseline…

• Other & Unknown – Up to +651%

• Immune & Viral – Up to +397%

• Eyes – Up to +144%

• Liver & Blood – Up to +77%

• Female fertility – Up to +73%

• Heart – Up to +52%

• Cancer – Up to +29%

• Nervous System – Up to +26%

• Digest., Metabolic – Up to +15%

Everything went up since the covid-19 vaccine started in 2021, right? That would mean it’s the mRNA covid-19 side effects, right?

The mRNA covid-19 vaccine is more dangerous than the covid-19 virus, right?

How is it in other countries, the same or worse?