He was double vaxxed and boosted and died from a heart attack with no prior health conditions…

There is so many dying now, with no prior problem before they took the covid-19 vaccine. Many people have now problems on their body since they had the covid-19 vaccine, some women had no period any more after the vaccine… or had more pain right after the covid-19 vaccine…

What does it mean when they say to us it’s safe the vaccine? How many people can die on a vaccine, and they can still say it’s safe?

They say, ca 29000 people died in America from the covid-19 vaccine, could be more… Ok, we take this number, what would have happened in 2019 when 29000 people died on a vaccine? They would have still said it’s safe?


Pfizer Signs New $3.2 Billion COVID Vaccine Deal with U.S. Government


We the taxpayers paying $30 for the new covid-19 vaccine, why so much? $3.2b is a lot of money, how much profit does Pfizer and BioNTech makes with this covid-19 vaccine from our tax?

Why they making so much money in a pandemic to safe people?

Biotech makes more than $10bn profit from the pandemic, why?



Why is Pfizer getting richer under a pandemic when they want to safe people? https://www.pharmaceutical-technology.com/news/pfizer-full-year-2021-revenues/

53 migrants died in a truck…


How they crossed the border? Did they cross the border in the truck or on food? Where were they loaded in the truck? How is the security check at the border? Trucks at the border, they are getting scanned before entering the USA? When they got leaded in the truck in Mexico, how could they cross the border? Is there a problem at the border? Why didn’t this happen under President Trump and why this happens under Joe? Is the border secure under Joe?

She Nails it… with what’s going on in America…

Why so many can’t see this? America is doing good?

Joe says, we are doing good…


Everything is Russia’s fault, Joe says…

All our food, groceries come from Russia, oil only comes from Russia… Does Joe have any responsibility with what’s going on in America? The gas price is going up since January 20. 2021, the same with everything else in the stores… Why is Joe not talking like this in America to Americans? In Madrid he is answering question on live TV, why he is not doing this in America on live TV?

Is it a lottery with what they doing? Do they know what they doing? The word Think is mentioned a lot, that means they don’t know. right?