A Moderna study confirms an uptick in shingles. What do these companies do? Create a shingles solution. • Pfizer jab gets emergency use authorization for children. What do they do? Buy a heart treatment company…

They knew all the side effects from the covid-19 vaccine and produces now medicine for the side effects, right? Why vaccinating kids with the covid-19 vaccine when almost no kids dies from it? No healthy kid died from the covid-19 virus, right?

It’s all a money making, and it looks like it will not stop, right?

@SenRonJohnson Addresses Autism Rates & Chronic Disease: “Why Aren’t We Talking About That?”…

Why we have more sick kids now with all these vaccines? Our kids should be super healthy, and no kids should have allergies, with all these vaccines, right?

Dr Mike Yeadon, ex VP of Pfizer, ‘Do not take anything with the word ‘vaccine’ on it. Especially if it comes with ’emergency’ or ‘mRNA’. DON’T TAKE IT!

It’s testing and we don’t know what’s coming with this emergency covid-19 vaccine, the only thing we know for sure is that people are dying from the covid-19 vaccine, right?

Hungary & Italy Pass Laws to Protect Citizens From Insect Proteins in Food…




How is it with the imported food from the EU to the USA? Do we eat insects in America, and we don’t know it?

Why we are ok with that… otherwise there would be demonstrations…

Ask yourself, why we the people can’t see the client list?

Demonstrates Why the COVID Shot Is the Most Deadly Vaccine in History (12/6/21)

The data is from 2021, the first year of the covid-19 vaccine, the vaccination with the covid-19 vaccine is still going on, why? Not one healthy child died on the covid-19 virus and now they dying from the covid-19 vaccine, right?

Why are we giving this experimental covid-19 vaccine to children?

The pharma and government want to kill us?

When safety testing is skipped and a novel genetic technology is rush injected into two thirds of the worlds population, should we be surprised with a Biopharmaceutical disaster that unfolds over the ensuing years…

It looks like a new disaster is coming or is already here from the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine, right?

People were thinking the covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective and it’s full approved, right? There is no long-term study for safety or how the covid-19 vaccine will affect the body in the future, right?

We were lied to, does it make than criminal to inject to someone and not telling them it’s an experiment? Who knew the covid-19 vaccine is an experiment and it’s a test on the humans? The mass media told us it’s safe and it was not mentioned that it is an experiment, right?

Ask yourself, why is the mass media, news not talking about the people who died, got injured, became invalid, who had extreme side effects… from the covid-19 vaccine?

Build your OWN ‘freedom city’, your own paradise… your own garden…

Now we have probably 90 % of green in the store are GMO, right? Great your own garden… A salad from the store and a salade from your own garden taste complete different, because the salade from the store has to grow so fast with fertilizers so that the salade doesn’t have the time to absorb the vitamins, Iron, etc… from the ground, it means there’re at least 85% less vitamins it, right?

Test it out, you will taste is when you eat your own salade and a salade from the store… It applies to all vegetable and fruits, right?

God Bless the United States of America