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Digital mosquitos…

We know that the governments are working with the mosquitos, we see this also in movies, right? The question is do we have the technologie already, it looks like, right?

Mosquitos are used already for testing to vaccinate humans, what other insect are used for vaccination, because mosquitos are not in the north part of the world, right? It could be a weapon these digital mosquitos, right?

O’Keefe Media Group” has been Launched…

Silicon Valley Bank has now collapsed, and 95% of deposits were uninsured…

Who will lose money on this?

Who is getting rich with this collapse?

A Philippines court has issued an international arrest warrant for Bill Gates, as part of an investigation into the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out in the territory…

In what else than the mRNA covid-19 vaccine is Bill and hie Bill an Melinda Gates Foundation involved?

It’s going much deeper than what people think, the testing on humans is now worldwide and people don’t even know it, right?

Green Ukraine, perfect to grow, perfect location to grow… government food control… digital control…

The lefts want control over our food production, right? Bill Gates bought so much farmland in America, why? The WEF wants the farmland from the farmers in the Nederland, right?

It’s all about controlling what people eats, it’s so simple, right? Who ever has the control over the food has the control over the people, right?

We have now multiple ways the left can go to depopulate the earth, food, war, vaccines, medicine, water climate change, oil, gas, digital passport control, digital banking, no more cash, nano tech, etc… just look what happen the last two years, right?

The WEF aims to automatically shut down electrical appliances and electric vehicles to save energy…

They want to control us with switch on and off button, right? We will have no freedom, right?

Everything works with power=electricity, right?

The new world order…

Great Reset | “Countries Will Begin Negotiations On a Zero Draft of a New Pandemic Accord, Grounded In International Law.” – Tedros (Director general of the World Health Organization) + “COVID Makes Surveillance Go Under the Skin.”…

This digital slavery, right? They say it out loud, so nobody can say we didn’t know, right? Right now, they are telling you what they want to do, but when it’s in full gear they will not tell you anymore…. right? Under communism you obey, or you will be punished, the same und socialism, right?

Look at China, the Chinese people can’t say anything when they don’t like something, right? Venezuela is the same, right? The people will be put under drugs with food, drinking, medicine etc… and the people will obey better…. Hitler did this already with this fluoride in the water, right?

This covid-19 pandemic was just the official start… right?

Government control with a button to switch to off no power, switch on power… everything can be of when everything is digital…

We were seeing it in Canada, they could freeze everything from the truckers, right? No more banking, no more money, no more driving, no more… they even could look you in your own house, right? Every app on your phone could be frozen or turned off, think about what is already controlled by apps?

This is the beauty of digital for the government, everything can be turned off with a button… right? It could even said what you can buy today in the store today… like today there is not meat for you, or you bought already to much meat this month and now you have to wait until next month, right?

They even could say to you, you have no access to this facility because you don’t have this vaccine, remember?

Everything will be controlled by some people with this digital, app, and you better behave, or they can turn you off right?

Digital censorship… will it get better or much worse..

Digital control = slavery? Mass controlling just with a on and off click in anything, right?