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VACCINE DEATH AND INJURY: “This Is The Greatest Crime Scene I’ve Ever Seen In My Life”…

We can say this mass murder or a genocide, right? Why people are not more concerned about this sudden death? Why the mass media is not more concerned about this sudden death?

How much money is in this whole covid-19 vaccine and pandemic spend and who got extreme rich, with this pandemic?

Why is the CDC still saying the Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective when so many die on it? Again, how many people have to die on this covid-19 vaccine that the CDC and FDA says the covid-19 vaccine is not safe and take it off the market?

What we know that all of these deaths are not in off to say the covid-19 vaccine is not safe, how many more people have to die so that it’s in off?

The World Economic Forum Is Now on the Geoengineering Bandwagon, is the weather created… storms, hurricanes, tornado…

Is the weather created by humans? Who is in power to create the weather? Can they make a no rain, can they make rain? Why we had so many storms’ hurricanes and tornados under Trump?

1,200 Scientists, Scholars Declare: ‘There Is No Climate Emergency’

They’re telling us the see level will rise, question, where is the water coming from? At the same time all the billionaires are buying or having Islands, beach properties… why they have this when the sea level is rising?

Vast recovery of coral cover on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef…

A few years ago, some expert told us everything is dying and the whole reef will disappear…. and the whole world will suffer… Can we say it was a lie to tell us that the reef will disappear?

They scared us all and know it’s growing back… the nature is changing always, since ever…

Blackrock buying single family houses…

Who is in control of this? Who takes the decision?

-Stock market crash
-Truckers can’t afford diesel
-Skyrocketing food costs
-Farmers going bankrupt
-Highest rent in recent history
-Record inflation
-Attack on our Constitutional rights
-Arming our enemies
-Americans forced to choose between feeding their kids and buying gas for work

Is this only the start?