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500 Australians Join World’s First COVID Vaccine Injury Class Action Lawsuit…

The main problem is when you have myocarditis, heart damage, immune system damage, organ damage, brain damage etc… from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, it can’t be fixed like it was before the shot, right?

Covid-19 Vaccine Class Action

Just 3% of Australians Are Aware That the Great Barrier Reef is at a Record High, Survey Finds….

Why only 3% knows this, is because the mass media is not reporting it? It’s too good the news that it’s growing again, and it would prove that some were total wrong?

It was reported all over the world that the great barrier reef is dying, right?

Why is it not reported all over world that the great barrier reef is growing?

It looks like that good news are not good for the people, right? It’s easier to control the people when people are not feeling good, right?

AstraZeneca’s Covid Vaccine May Have Posed a Higher Heart Risk for Young Women, Study Shows…



The WHO says it’s safe and effective the Oxford/AstraZeneca, how many people can die and be injured by law that the WHO can say it’s safe and effective?

Startling new figures show even MORE Australians are dying than first feared – after report found ‘excess deaths’ are the highest since World War II: ‘People don’t want to talk about it’…


People are dying from the side effect from the experimental covid-19 vaccines, right? People got forced to vaccinated with an experimental vaccine and now people are dying from it, this is mass murder, right?

When will the Nuremberg Code come?


Austraila is not the only country who has this problem, right?

AUSTRALIA – Lockstep as banks begin to pull cash globally… Almost every country is now pushing you towards a cashless society, so CBDCs can seamlessly be introduced…. They think you won’t notice….

It’s coming too in America, the digital control, right?

The first nation was Nigeria, they started testing las year and a fiasco started, the government had to stop it because people started to burn down building and riots started, that’s all because they stopped the cash, right?

Almost every country is now pushing you towards a cashless society, so CBDCs can seamlessly be introduced…. They think you won’t notice.



It’s the first official country where the digital currency started and it’s a failure, right?

Who directed that in Nigeria to start digital currency, how is the west involved?

Deception and Lies – Senator Babet’s Bombshell Revelation on Covid Vaccination in Australia…

It happens all over the western world, we were all lied to, and people died from it, right? This is a genocide or muss murder because itv was mandated by the governments, right?

Let’s check every politician and their family’s who mandated it if they got the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right? Why should someone who knows it’s an experiment and can be deadly getting vaccinated?

Did the ivermectin ban cost lives… Australia government banned Ivermectin, because people would not get the experimental covid-19 vaccine when they have Ivermectin…



The Australian government forced an experimental covid-19 vaccine on the people and more people died after the covid-19 vaccine was started, right?

Where else in the world they did this?

West Australian government finally releases 2021 vaccine safety data: vaccines have been pulled from the market for far less than this…


The pic speaks for itself, the covid-19 vaccine is not safe at all, right? They lied to the people all over the world with saying the covid-19 vaccine is safe and is fully approved, right?

Chest pain would mean myocarditis, heart damage, right?

How many people were thinking the covid-19 vaccine is fully approved when it was not? The mass media reported like the covid-19 vaccine is fully approved, right? Look what CNBC is reporting about the booster for the kids younger than 5 years old, it looks like the booster is fully approved, right? The words (EUA) emergency use authorization is never used in the Article, right?

What people thing when a booster is FDA authorized and the words emergency is not used?

The communist Australian government have decided that medical Doctors are useless, and from now on will be told what to say and do…

Australia is now communist when they do this, right? The government now says what kind of medicine the doctors have to give to the patients, right?

No freedom, means they are at war in Australia?

How are they ever going to explain the excess mortality data in Australia… and the whole world…


More people die now than ever without war, right? How do they explain that more people die now with a vaccine than in 2020 without a vaccine?

We see here that the young one are dying more than the older ones, right? We have now a mRNA covid-19 vaccine pandemic, right?

Can we say this is genocide or mass murder from the young population with this mRNA covid-19 vaccine what the government mandated?

It happens everywhere in the world this excess death where they used the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right?