The News That You Don’t Get From The Mainstream Medias #MSM

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Hi, I’m Marc, I’ll put some info about what’s going on in the USA and the World.

The News That You Don’t Get From The Mainstream Medias #MSM

I decided to create my own blog because I got censored, blocked, or no answer at all when I ask questions to news media. I’m posting some different news articles, that the mass media refuses to report, so people can make their own opinions.

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New alarming development, The Covid Vaccine’s spike protein is not just effecting, but COMPLETELY ELIMINATING important GI bacteria from the gut for months after vaccination…

Without these healthy bacteria in the body, it affects everything negative, right? The whole immune system is not working properly, and people have pain and getting sick and mire, right? Just think about it, a lot of mRNA covid-19 vaccinated people do now a colonoscopy, because the doctor says it, right? Is it because the…




We are all in this together, we are all part of The United States of America, we all can make a difference in anything, and we have to fight for our rights and use our rights given to us by God, We the People


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