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Democrat policy’s, socialism is running out of money like always what history prove us…

What is the answer to this, putting the taxes up, right? How much money a year we spend for foreign countries and foreigners? How much money from our tax money is used for America und the democrats? Why the congress members got over 20% pay increase the last two years under the democrats control?

On the end, who will pay for it and who is getting rich?

Federal appeals court blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate for US government workers…



It was an executive order from Joe what someone has to put in the body and people died from it, right?

Why the White House, CDC, FDA, Pharma, congress, supreme court… didn’t have the covid-19 vaccine mandate? It was to safe life’s they said, why not saving the life of this workers? Was it safe or was it unsafe because it was an experiment?

Is it legal to mandate an experimental vaccine on the people?

The Nuremberg code says it’s not legal to mandate an experimental vaccine, right?


They told us you will not get the covid-19 virus when you get vaccinated…


This was a lie and they knew it, right?

More lies…

Mother leaves school board silent after reading SEX MATERIAL from library and classroom books that target children as young as 5…

This what democrats do and support in school, right? This is pedophilia, right?

Paris, New York… people are getting out and demonstrate against the left, socialism, communism…

People have in off with what the governments are doing, right?

It’s all a plan what happens in our western society, right?

Now the Banking problems are coming or are here, right? We have problems everywhere now, right?

Kevin McCarthy Directs House Committees To Investigate Partisan Witch Hunt Against Trump…

Let it start now too, right?

President Trump Says He Will Be Arrested Tuesday, Calls for Protests…


What is the republican party doing for President Trump? What is the GOP doing for President Trump?

Does the democrat party want martial law in America? Does the democrat party want to go against Americans?

Elon Musk: “Trump Will Be Re-elected in a Landslide Victory” If Arrested…


President Trump Says He Will Be Arrested Tuesday, Calls for Protests


FBI/ DOJ has had evidence of multiple crimes committed by Hunter Biden, Joe Biden laptop evidence, documents, bank transactions, and not a damn thing has been done…

It’s all on the laptop and they said it was Russia… right? Know we know it’s all true and nothing happen, why? Hunter even admits’ it’s his laptop, right? Why is Garland not doing anything? Was it legal what Hunter and Joe did, what on the lap top?

What is the republican party doing with the lap top?


Fauci, Lockdowns are here to get people vaccinated…

That what the government did, and governors from some states made it even a mandate to be vaccinates, right? Joe even mandated it for all the companies with more than 100 workers to mandate it too, right?

The White House staff, CDC, FDA, congress, supreme court, Pfizer, Moderna etc… where excluded from the executive order mandate from Joe, the question is why they were excluded, right?