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Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Bass-Player, Jezabella Kipp’s poetry from travelling to dreaming along the way…. 

 Jezabella Kipp is a Singer, Songwriter, Bass-Player & accomplish Poet. 
 J.Kipp “Vision Poetry” is a way to share her work through her YouTube channel “Vision Poetry” 

 Vision Poetry

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Vision Poetry

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Jezabella hopes to make this a way to interact with her audience by introducing new topics every week that challenges our lives. 

J. Kipp has 3 poetry books on Sale Worldwide.

Epiphysis Of Time, Vol. 1

Epiphysis Of Time, Vol. 2 “Poetry In French”

Epiphysis Of Time, Vol.3 “Reflections” New release! 

On Sale Worldwide Kindle & Paperback 5/22/2022.

 She also won The Rolling Stones Context Winner Choice Award for her Lyrics/Poetry “Sister White”. 

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New AHA Study Shows Spike Protein Can Cause Innate Immune System to Damage the Heart

That means it could kill us this vaccine, right? Is it ok when the pharma and the FDA CDC says we didn’t know this?

When people said anything the last 1.5 years about it, they were called conspiracy theorists… for like the covid-19 vaccine is can be deadly, the covid-19 vaccine is not good for pregnant women, the covid-19 vaccine is can damage the heart, the covid-19 vaccine can damage organs, the covid-19 vaccine is not working, the covid-19 vaccine is damaging the Immune systems, the covid-19 vaccine is not protecting you from the virus…. and much more and everything became true… Why had they lied to us? What is the goal of all of this?

Is it an attack on the American people, on our freedom…

Why are they doing this to us? Why are they denied so much and then, now it comes out it’s true? Means, they lied to the Americans?

Fake genders fake vaccines fake news but why the fake meat…

What is real and what is fake? More and more fake thing appears everywhere… look at what you eat or what you put in your body…

Look at the ingrediency in anything you by in a store, and then ask yourself, does it need so much things in it?

Crimes Against Humanity…admitting they knew the covid-19 vaccine will not work…

Mandating an experimental is against the law, right.

They knew that the covid-19 vaccine is not working what they saud, is that against the law what they did?

Covid vaccine-19 lies…

Can they lie to us like this and there is no punishment? Did people die because if these lies?

And then they admit they lied, what happen know?

POSOBIEC: The US Is in Decline Under the Biden Regime

America is in decline since Joe the democrats are in the white House, everyone can see this. Do the democrats want this to happen that the United States of America, that we lose power and have a massive decline in everything?

China is laughing about America like so many countries on earth thanks to the democrats. Look at Ukraine, we are giving them already more than $60 billion, who else is getting so much money from the America taxpayers for disrespecting use?

Where is all the money going from American taxpayers? Nothing go better since Joe is in the White House, the only thing we know that our debt went $7 trillion up last 18 Month and nothing got better for Americans on the end. Who is getting rich?

Research Shows Americans Are Most Desperate To Escape 10 Cities; All Are Democrat-Dominated

Why they’re living the cities or states? When you listen to democrats, they’re doing the right thing… and with that, high taxes, high crime rates, massive regulation, high store prices, high rent, high house prices,…

They just moving to change the voting and this people getting paid by someone or company to move?