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Demonstrates Why the COVID Shot Is the Most Deadly Vaccine in History (12/6/21)

The data is from 2021, the first year of the covid-19 vaccine, the vaccination with the covid-19 vaccine is still going on, why? Not one healthy child died on the covid-19 virus and now they dying from the covid-19 vaccine, right?

Why are we giving this experimental covid-19 vaccine to children?

The pharma and government want to kill us?

Freedom is not free and not doing anything and just going with the government, you are not free…

We learned the last two years, going with the government, there will not be freedom, right? Ask yourself, how is it going the last two years with freedom around the world and in America?

The mRNA covid-19 vaccine, the past, the present, the future..

People started dying when it started, people are dying now from the covid-19 vaccine shot and people will die in the future from the shot, right?

Albert says they are working on the mRNA since 2018 to have flu shot with mRNA…

How many people died on the mRNA shots from 2018 to 2020?

The mRNA was not proven to be good, Albert says, right? That means it was and is an experiment because people are dying from it, right?

Who is behind all of this, who wanted to use this new technology mRNA shots on the people?

Remember when Joe moved to the White House in 2021, he stopped the production of the mRNA covid-19 vaccine from President Trump for two months, because he said it’s not good and there will be changes made, right? What changes were made?

New Regulation came with Joe Biden…


No one is above the law… except the illegals under the democrats…

We see now, the law says it’s forbidden to enter the United State of America illegally, but the democrats want people to enter legally, why? The border is not protected anymore in the south, this is constitutional against the law, right?

Why do illegals don’t need to covid-19 vaccinated when they come illegally to America, because when people come legal, they need to be covid-19 vaccinated?

The White House Covid Censorship Machine… climate, covid-19, covid-19 vaccine…


The government is involved in a lot, right?

Former AG Wants to Know Why The House Votes With Pen and Paper, But We Vote Electronically…

Why don’t they use and electronic touch screen to mark the votes in congress? Why we the people have everything electronic?

Is it safe to have new technologies? Is it safe an electronic voting machine?

It would be much easier to count the votes in congress when it’s electronic, right? Do they have mailing ballots too in congress like they have for We the People?

Overreported covid case because they made money on it… makes sense…

We can say the pandemic was a hoax when the hospitals get paid to have more positive and dying on covid, right?

Again, every covid-19 death happens in the hospitals in 2020, nobody died at home, at work, playing sport, walking, sleeping etc… right? Now since the covid-19 vaccine started 12. 2020, people are dying at home, at work, playing sport, walking, sleeping etc… right?

Here Are A Dozen WOKE Horrors In Massive Omnibus Bill Plunder… Who is voting for it…

Look where our tax money is going and who voted for it… This omnibus bill is not for Americans, right?

Who read the whole bill before voting?

How much money of this omnibus bill is going to foreign nations?

Omnibus bill, short explanation

An omnibus bill is a proposed law that covers a number of diverse or unrelated topics. Omnibus is derived from Latin and means “to, for, by, with or from everything”. An omnibus bill is a single document that is accepted in a single vote by a legislature but packages together several measures into one or combines diverse subjects.

Because of their large size and scope, omnibus bills limit opportunities for debate and scrutiny. Historically, omnibus bills have sometimes been used to pass controversial amendments. For this reason, some consider omnibus bills to be anti-democratic.[1]

Where is the science, who pays for it…

The UN says they own the science, that means the science for the covid-19 pandemic someone owns it too right?

FTX money laundering, Ukraine money, 2022 election money…

Why this is not more investigated? Why the money from FTX what was given to the democrats and republicans from our tax money what went to Ukraine has not given back now? Why could the politicians use this money from FTX? Who knew what was going on with this money laundering from the politic? Who got rich with this money laundering?

Do We the People have to accept this money laundering, and nothing will happen to the ones (Politicians) who are responsible and knew what was going on?