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Build your OWN ‘freedom city’, your own paradise… your own garden…

Now we have probably 90 % of green in the store are GMO, right? Great your own garden… A salad from the store and a salade from your own garden taste complete different, because the salade from the store has to grow so fast with fertilizers so that the salade doesn’t have the time to absorb the vitamins, Iron, etc… from the ground, it means there’re at least 85% less vitamins it, right?

Test it out, you will taste is when you eat your own salade and a salade from the store… It applies to all vegetable and fruits, right?

The mRNA covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer… was never tested for transmission… the mass media, CDC, FDA, Politic… said to us it will stop the transmission and we have to protect our grandparents and get the mRNA covid-19 vaccine…

Everyone should understand they lied to us, so we are getting the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right?

People lost their job for not wanting an experimental vaccine… ask yourself, is that criminal to force someone to get an experimental vaccine?

Is it criminal when the whole world gets forced to take an experimental vaccine and then people die on the vaccine?

These Twitter executives will get thrown under the bus and we’ll feel great about it for a few days, but what about the MILLIONS of people killed and injured because of their censorship?

How many people died because of this censoring and how many people will die because of this censoring?

How is it about Facebook, Google, YouTube and all the others who did this?

Is this a genocide of the people?

No one is above the law… except the illegals under the democrats…

We see now, the law says it’s forbidden to enter the United State of America illegally, but the democrats want people to enter legally, why? The border is not protected anymore in the south, this is constitutional against the law, right?

Why do illegals don’t need to covid-19 vaccinated when they come illegally to America, because when people come legal, they need to be covid-19 vaccinated?

Vitamins, Vitamin D, Food, Garlic, Herbs… to prevent getting sick and even healing infections naturally…

Garlic is good too or excellent to prevent infections…

Only with our food we can prevent to get sick and that our immune system is getting stronger.

U.S. government approves world’s first “vaccine” for honeybees – as if there aren’t already enough chemicals destroying our precious pollinators…

How safe is this? Is it the same safe as the covid-19 vaccines for humans? It could also go the other way around and all of the bees will die from the vaccine, right? How many times a vaccine was deadly for humans?

Should humans touch the bees, the natural environment?

Again, the humans create a problem and then they have the medicine for it, right? How does it work with humans?

Where in America this vaccine for bees will be used?

How it will affect the plants?

Classified documents found in Biden’s Delaware garage next to his Corvette…

When the garage is locked, the classified information is safe?

Joe put our country at risk with the illegal possession of classified information?