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Thank you @EmeraldRobinson for having the courage to report on the J6 lie, refusing to be silent about government corruption and DOJ abuses…

The government lied and people died because of the lies, this is criminal, right?

New GOP Congress Gains Access to Jan 6 Committee Files – One File is Missing – Why and Where Is It…


Why is the Steve Bannon file missing?

Free the January 6th prisoners… their constitutional rights were violated…

What happen to the ones who violated Americans their constitutional rights?

Federal Judges who denied Jan. 6th defendants their constitutional rights…

Is it a crime for a judge to take a decision who they know it’s wrong and against the constitution?

Matthew Perna committed suicide because of the extreme persecution he was undergoing by our own government…

All he did was walk through open doors.

But over 95% of Antifa and BLM rioters charges were dropped.

I will not vote to fund a two-tiered justice system.

The government murdered Matthew, right? How many people committed suicide after they got charged by this lies?

January 6 lies from the government, with holding the truth, putting none criminals to prison, blaming the president for a staged lie…

QAnon Shaman’s Lawyer Speaks Out After Tucker Carlson Airs Jan.6 Footage, Accuses DOJ of Lying


This is criminal to withhold information that would prove that people are innocent and then charging them for a crime they didn’t do, right?

Why no making the videos footage public? The democrats didn’t do anything wrong, it would proof it, right? Is this treason putting innocent people like this in prison?

Why is this not number one news in the mass media all over the world? Where the mass media part of this January 6 lie?

Tucker Carlson Responds To Senator Chuck Schumer Calling For Fox News To Censor His Show…

First, America is a republic and not a democracy, right? Chuck doesn’t want the people to know they are criminals, right? Chuck Schumer should be charged when it’s proven he is wrong, right? Chuck Schumer is going against the constitution, right?

Chuck is a liar, right?

Why they all lying to us We the People?

Is this a threat from Chucky to all the medias who reports this lies from January 6?


The 44,000 videos what the democrats wanted to hide from the people will prove this people didn’t do anything wrong, right?

The peaceful people on January 6. 2021 outside of the capital was attacked by the capital police, right?

How long can they hold a person in jail without charges by law?

MSNBC’s @FrankFigliuzzi1 on @TuckerCarlson reporting on unaired 1/6 footage: It “could pose a danger and threat in terms of violence.”…

The problem is that people will see what happen and that the capital police started it, right?

Everyone should get access to these videos, right? The big problem is for the democrats that it come out they committed treason, and the people starts to act like it’s written in the constitution, right?

It should not be any problem with these videos, because the democrats did everything the right way by law, right? When the democrats didn’t do the right thing, it will come out like it should be, right?

We the People and the government works for us, we are the employe, right?

January 6. 2021, the police fired tear gas in the peaceful protest…

When someone is peaceful and another person attacks, the person has the right to fight back, right?

What does a normal person do when you get attacked?

The capital police wanted the crowd to go in the capital, that why also someone from the inside open the door, right?

Who was responsible for the police on January 6. 2021?

Why were these videos not made public before?