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Until the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s vaccination decree, he tried to demand that we fire all unvaccinated personnel – some of our finest people…

Who regret to be covid-19 vaccinated and who regrets not to be covid-19 vaccinated?

Who is dying now?

Just 3% of Australians Are Aware That the Great Barrier Reef is at a Record High, Survey Finds….

Why only 3% knows this, is because the mass media is not reporting it? It’s too good the news that it’s growing again, and it would prove that some were total wrong?

It was reported all over the world that the great barrier reef is dying, right?

Why is it not reported all over world that the great barrier reef is growing?

It looks like that good news are not good for the people, right? It’s easier to control the people when people are not feeling good, right?

CBC rage quits Twitter after Elon Musk accurately labels them government-funded media…


What is the problem when people see who founds them?

When the government pays the news media, are the news independent? We were seeing it in the pandemic, all the mass media was founded by the government and the news only 24/7 reported from the pandemic in one way, right?

Who is the boss, whoever pays is the boss, right? Look where the money is going and where it comes from… right?

A BBC reporter showed up unannounced to Twitter HQ and Elon invited them in for an interview….


All the mass media like this, all the mass media did this, all the mass media doing this…?

@RobertKennedyJr: “The Media Is an Extension of the Pharmaceutical Industry”…

Who pays is the boss, right? Follow the money, right?

When safety testing is skipped and a novel genetic technology is rush injected into two thirds of the worlds population, should we be surprised with a Biopharmaceutical disaster that unfolds over the ensuing years…

It looks like a new disaster is coming or is already here from the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine, right?

People were thinking the covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective and it’s full approved, right? There is no long-term study for safety or how the covid-19 vaccine will affect the body in the future, right?

We were lied to, does it make than criminal to inject to someone and not telling them it’s an experiment? Who knew the covid-19 vaccine is an experiment and it’s a test on the humans? The mass media told us it’s safe and it was not mentioned that it is an experiment, right?

Ask yourself, why is the mass media, news not talking about the people who died, got injured, became invalid, who had extreme side effects… from the covid-19 vaccine?

The information that the Weaponization Subcommittee exposed in today’s hearing was searing, taxpayer funds are being used to try to shape the very nature of truth itself, the government should not be trying to impair the constitutional rights of our citizens…

How much power the government has, because the government went against the constitution, knowingly, right?

Follow the money…

Who is getting rich to go against the people, against We the People?

January 6 lies from the government, with holding the truth, putting none criminals to prison, blaming the president for a staged lie…

QAnon Shaman’s Lawyer Speaks Out After Tucker Carlson Airs Jan.6 Footage, Accuses DOJ of Lying


This is criminal to withhold information that would prove that people are innocent and then charging them for a crime they didn’t do, right?

Why no making the videos footage public? The democrats didn’t do anything wrong, it would proof it, right? Is this treason putting innocent people like this in prison?

Why is this not number one news in the mass media all over the world? Where the mass media part of this January 6 lie?