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Matthew Perna committed suicide because of the extreme persecution he was undergoing by our own government…

All he did was walk through open doors.

But over 95% of Antifa and BLM rioters charges were dropped.

I will not vote to fund a two-tiered justice system.

The government murdered Matthew, right? How many people committed suicide after they got charged by this lies?

@P_McCulloughMD: Pfizer’s Lack of Safety Concern Implies They’re Guilty of Domestic Terrorism… is there any guilt… who is on top…

We can all this also mass murder, right? Saying there was no dead people and knowing there was many dead people but still going to kill more people knowingly… is mass murder or genocide, right? Someone gave Albert an ok to say there was no problems? How is it with other pharma’s, like Moderna, AstraZeneca, J&J… because with all of this covid-19 vaccine people died, right?

How is when the military is involved with the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, is there any responsibility for anyone when the military is involved?

Who is was and is on top of this mRNA covid-19 vaccine?

Fmr. Houston Methodist Reg. Nurse Jennifer Bridges Exposes the Hospital’s Appalling Behavior… this was genocide killing… the lies were so big…

What will happen to the people who ordered this? Who was in charge of the lies? How people died was against humans’ rights in America and unconstitutional, right? Who was and is on top of this corona pandemic hoax?

People were refused simple medicine what could have saved their live, that means it was mass murder, right?

Ivermectin… was against the law in 2020, 2021, 2022 and now it’s ok for covid-19…

Refusing to give medication and the person dies because of this is murder and when it’s more the 2 people it’s mass murder, right?

The governor in each state who did this with an executive order to forbid Ivermectin, right? Nobody could get Ivermectin for anything in the drug stores and this came from the governor, even when someone came with a prescription from a doctor, right?


Dr. Paul Confronts John Hopkins Dean on School Vaccination Policy, no pro-choice about medical decision… it’s safe but it could be deadly…

Kids are getting forced to an experimental vaccine, is this pro-choice? To be forced to take a vaccine what could be deadly, is this criminal?

Is this a safe vaccine and should be forced on anybody so that they can go to school?

Nursing Home Death rate… no news is reporting…

Is this murder what they are doing in nursing homes?

How many people are dying now in nursing homes now and how many died before the covid-19 vaccination started?

How is the death rate in nursing homes around the world, where they gave the covid-19 vaccine?

What is the death rate in nursing homes as of 2023?

6-month-old #died suddenly: found pulseless in crib 10 days after Covid jab…


The baby died from the vaccines, right? Why are we giving so many vaccines to new baby? The baby would be alive without the vaccine, right? How many babies die like this after getting these vaccines?

How can we call this? The parents can choose the vaccines in the hospital, and can say no to the vaccines?

How many babies die like this now? More babies are dying like this since the mRNA covid-19 vaccine started for 6-month-old babies? We all have to know, this mRNA covid-19 vaccine is a experiment, that means it’s not safe, and they testing on babies, right? Do parents know that the Pfizer mRNA covid-19 vaccine is under emergency use for babies, does the hospital says this to the parents?


“The govt is saying doctors cannot speak freely … [They] must only tell the patient the govt narrative. It’s very dangerous.” — Dr. Meryl Nass… Remdesivir was forced…

Since when the government is over the constitution? Remdesivir is danger for the people, right?

How many people died on remdesivir in America? Who put this decision that only remdesivir can be use in the hospitals, who is responsible for all the death on remdesivir?

Why doctors went with this order when they knew it could be deadly?

BREAKING: NHS Doctor confirms Health & Social Care Staff were instructed to let Patients die or “euthanize” them to falsely increase the COVID Death Count while Hospitals were EMPTY

This is murder, right? When someone tells you to kill someone and then you do it, who is responsible? How many people went to the hospital with a running nose and never came out of the hospital a life?

This would be mass murder, right?

Remember when it was told to us that the hospitals were full and people are in the street, corridor… and then President Trump deployed the military hospital ships and made military field hospitals on the east and west coast and then they were never use, remember?