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THE DEEP STATE LIED: Durham Report Destroys ANY INKLING of Trump-Russia Collusion – Strzok Knew NO ONE in Trump Camp Contacted Russia, Blows His Court Case Out of the Water…


It was all a lie and people lost, got charged, for the lies from the democrats, right? Is this treason?

Money floating from outside America to Americans in America… like the Bidens…

This is criminal, right? Is it in the tax, otherwise it’s tax fraud, right?

January 6 lies from the government, with holding the truth, putting none criminals to prison, blaming the president for a staged lie…

QAnon Shaman’s Lawyer Speaks Out After Tucker Carlson Airs Jan.6 Footage, Accuses DOJ of Lying


This is criminal to withhold information that would prove that people are innocent and then charging them for a crime they didn’t do, right?

Why no making the videos footage public? The democrats didn’t do anything wrong, it would proof it, right? Is this treason putting innocent people like this in prison?

Why is this not number one news in the mass media all over the world? Where the mass media part of this January 6 lie?

Did Murdoch Shut Tucker Down? Rumblings that Tucker Changed His Show Plan After Threats and Pressure from Regime…


Is Chuck Schumer a danger to the first amendment, freedom of the press? Chuck doesn’t want Americans to know what the government did illegally, right?



trea·​son ˈtrē-zᵊn 

Synonyms of treason


the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family


the betrayal of a trust TREACHERY

January 6 lies… what will happen now…

Mitch is against the republican party and the American people, we should not know how criminal they are, this is criminal, right? This is treason against the American people what Mitch is doing, right?

Arrest them all for lying to the people, right? They are the terrorists, right? They committed treason, right?

It was all a lie and people were put to prison for the lies of the democrats…

Question, why they wanted to hide the video footage for 50 years? Everyone should be asked under oath, right?

What the January 6 committee did is punishable, right? Will there be charges?


Thies is treason against the American people what the government democrats did, right?

Expert Witness Reveals Installed AZ Governor Katie Hobbs Laundered Cartel Money Through Fake Deeds and Mortgages to Rig Elections . . . Including Her Own…

That would mean Katie Hobbs is a criminal and has to be charged, right? The ones who took the money are too criminals, right?

Katie Hobbs committed treason when it this is proven, right?

Where else this happens in America election 2022? It happens also in the 2020 election, the cheating,,,?

Twitter hearings in DC about 2020 election, child porn covid-19 vaccine…

This is criminal, right? Is this treason against the people of America?

This guys are pedophiles?

Our security, our border, our people… not important for our congress…

Who is agreeing to that?

Everyone in the world is more important than our people, when you see what our government is doing, right? It’s not important we the people feel and what we are going true because of our government, right?

This is a crime against the American people, right?