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They paid doctors and nurses to murder innocent patients. They faked Covid cases and deaths to instill fear in the population. They denied safe early treatments murdering millions of innocent people…

They murdered people, it was mass murder, right? They scared us to death and put people to death, right?

People know what they did to us,

When a doctor gets paid to kill people knowingly, what will happen?

Fauci vs. Fauci: A compilation of countless lies and contradictions on Gain of Function, Lab Leak Theory, Masks, Lockdowns, Vaccine Side Effects and Masks…

Fauci was and is lying to the people, right?

Why is this not valid to the covid-19 virus, the natural immunity? Fauci said this in 2004, what happen from 2004 until now?

DUTCH FARMER SPEAKING TRUTH “He says at the end you will own nothing and still be happy – But Mr. Klaus Schwab will own everything…He will never eat the insects he will force the poor people to eat insects”

Ask yourself, what is the goal of what the socialist, communists want? Are we doing better than 15 years ago or 25 years ago in everything? What is better now than 25 years ago? Are we happier than 25 years ago? Are we healthier than 25 years ago? Are we safer than 25 years ago?

Pfizer Doesn’t Know Exactly What’s In Its Products: Huge Impurities and Toxic Metals Found…

What exactly they putting in our body? Who is responsible for that, the government right? It’s happening all over the world?

Researchers Pressured Twitter To Treat COVID-19 Facts as ‘Misinformation’…

People telling the truth and twitter punish them and says it misinformation, is this legal when they knew it was right, but twitter said it was not?

Pressure knowingly lies and then people die because of this lies, is that criminal?

Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals… U.S. patent number 11,107,588…

U.S. patent number 11,107,588 [Application Number 17/106,279] was granted by the patent office on 2021-08-31 for methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals. The grantee listed for this patent is Gal Ehrlich, Maier Fenster. Invention is credited to Gal Ehrlich, Maier Fenster.


They would know who is vaccinated with what and who needs to be vaccinated, right? That would mean total control over the people’s health, right?

That would mean the government can decide with an app who can enter and who can’t because of the vaccination status, right? It was already done under the covid-19 pandemic, right?

WEF Official Admits ’15-Minute Cities’ Will Imprison Humanity in ‘Forever Lockdowns’…


15-minute City means everything will be controlled by the government, right? What will happen when someone is getting out of the 15-minunte of the city? How many times someone can get out?

It’s all about government control, right?

Gov. Kristi Noem (Government’s Megan Fox) : This is a threat to our freedom Kristi Noem Vetoes Bill That Would’ve “Redefined Money”, Explains Why to Tucker…

The government want full control over the people’s money, right?

Just remember for everyone what the governments all around the world did to the people because of covid-19 and other things… social medias where government controlled and still are…

They lied to us and to keep the lies up they censored the truth, right? Who got blocked for writing the truth, and who got blocked for lying? The truth was blocked, and the lies were published more, right?

Ivermectin: The Untold Story of a ‘Miracle Drug’…

Under covid-19 they said to us Ivermectin is deadly when it’s one of the safest drug on earth, right? The governors forbid the drugstores to give ivermectin to the people even when they had a prescription from the doctor, was this legal? Does a Govenor has this power or is this an overreach or abuse of power to make it illegal to give medicine to the people from the drugstore?

The problem is, people died because of this, right?