Controlling smart people is impossible… controlling not smart people is easy…

Atre our kids in school getting smarter than 20 years ago? Is our school system better than 20 years ago? Peoples who are not so smart are easier to control than people who are smart and want to be even smarter, right?

The American Dream starts with questioning like so many other things, right?

The 1040 tax is almost gone, that means you can’t just make your own money anymore without paying fees, more taxes, licenses… for your business, right?

Everything is now taxed, really everything like never before, right? This is socialism communism, that how they make the money, with more tax and more tax, right?

People who want to have their own business and create something new out of nothing are less and it’s now almost impossible, that bring us back to the schooling and then to the taxes…. right? The whole thing (more taxes, bad schooling) would not work so easy when people would know what’s going on and everyone would have their own little business, right?

4 thoughts on “Controlling smart people is impossible… controlling not smart people is easy…”

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