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Shocking words from Pfizer’s Former Vice President, Dr. Mike Yeadon: “We’re in the middle of the biggest crime in history. It’s global. It has the intent of control, removing everybody’s freedom, and will involve killing further millions, if not billions of people. It is long planned.”…

What will happen in the future…?

The Canadian government has seized control of the internet…

Justin Trudeau wants full control over the internet, this is communism, right? China exactly doing this, and China is communism, right? There is no freedom like in communism, right?

It can also happen in America with this Restrict Act S 686, right?

Senate Bill 686 Gives WEF Full Control Over America, Gives Citizens 20 Years in Prison For Dissenting…

The government will decide what is wrong and what is right, and people will not have freedom anymore, right?

Imagin we would have had this bill passed before the covid pandemic?

WEF Official Admits ’15-Minute Cities’ Will Imprison Humanity in ‘Forever Lockdowns’…


15-minute City means everything will be controlled by the government, right? What will happen when someone is getting out of the 15-minunte of the city? How many times someone can get out?

It’s all about government control, right?

Digital slavery… the computer says what you like, eat, drink, fun, meetings, buy in stores… and more… that’s how you qualify for help from the government…

There is no privacy, right? When you buy too much meat, the government can just block you for the rest of the month, right?

There is no freedom, the government control is the freedom you get, right?

It’s called Marxism or Communism this controlling, right? It means also when you are not a good person, the government knows and can punish you so that you don’t do it again, just for spending too much money somewhere where the government doesn’t like it, right?

What is said her is only the start, it will get worse when it comes to this level, right?

Digital censorship… will it get better or much worse..

Digital control = slavery? Mass controlling just with a on and off click in anything, right?

Artificial intelligence ChatGPT program successfully passes Bar, medical licensing exams – are machines taking over the world…


It’s in full gear that computers are taking over, right?

It’s already in progress to make humans like we want or need, right?

Of course, we need also the digital dollar, because otherwise people are still to free, rgiht?

Everything has to digital; computer will decide for the humans, what is right and what is wrong, right?

New York Times praises communist China for censoring citizens, says mass surveillance offers “own kind of freedom”…



The rich and the politicians never have to obey to socialism, it’s only the people who are controlled, right? The rich and the politicians live like a capitalist, right?

How is Bernie Sanders life, is it like capitalist or like a socialist? How many houses Bernie owns, how much is his income, how much is tax free for him…? How is it with the healthcare insurance for the politicians, they 100% covered, for anything, right? Who pays for the health insurance for the politicians?

Can someone tell me one socialist politician who lives like a socialist?

How to create a socialist state…

Read all of the 8 points and think about what’s going on since Joe is in the White House… Ask yourself what is good on Socialism? Look at Venezuela, Yugoslavia, China, USSR…

On the end, there is no freedom, no freedom of press, no freedom of speech… under socialism, the government tells you what is right and wrong, and you can’t ask questions, right?