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“Covid-19 was an act of biological warfare perpetrated on the human race. It was a financial heist. Nature was hijacked. Science was hijacked.”…

It was a genocide, right?

The story of Sean Hartman, child murdered by the experimental mRNA covid-19 Pfizer Vaccine…

One out of a million… who is responsible?

The didn’t know how he died, he was totally healthy, but he had the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer. Now they are checking the spike protein, then they would know that he died on the mRNA covid-19 vaccine 100%, right?

Rest in Peace Sean Hartman and everyone else who died on the covid-19 vaccine.

This modified RNA genocide is the greatest medical crime in human history, a humanitarian disaster of unprecedented proportions…

Dear fellow humans!

My name is Thomas Binder. I studied medicine in Zurich, obtained a doctorate in immunology and virology, specialised in internal medicine and cardiology, and have 35 years of experience in diagnosis and therapy of acute respiratory infections, in hospitals, in intensive care units and in my private practice.

Others and myself have been explaining the still prevailing corona narrative since February 2020. It is unscientific, unlawful, inhumane nonsense from A for no epidemiologically relevant Asymptomatic transmission, over D for wrong Definition of COVID infection and COVID death, I for wrong Indication to test, N for Non-pharmaceutical interventions for asymptomatic, formerly called healthy people, are ineffective and do only harm, P for no Pandemic but pLandemic, T for wrong Test and V for wrong Vaccine to Z for Zero COVID is an intellectual absurdity. For doing this, we were censored, libeled or, like me at Easter 2020, even brutally arrested by an anti-terrorist unit in my doctor’s office and shipped off to the loony bin because of alleged “self-endangerment in COVID insanity”. Today, we are totally vindicated. The alleged COVID pandemic was primarily a RT-PCR testing pandemic!

Others and myself, who have a minimum of basic medical and immunological knowledge, had read the pivotal studies and have some common sense and spine, had already explained the futility, ineffectiveness and insecurity of the modified RNA injections before their criminal emergency approval. Today, we know that they are even negatively effective, promote illness and death from COVID and have already killed over 10 million people through side effects, prevented millions of fertilizations and induced millions of stillbirths, in the absence of evidence that they saved even one single human life. While there has never been a pandemic of a killer virus, there was a pandemic of cowards and do we doctors see a pandemic of severe illnesses and of sudden unexpected deaths from heart attack, myocarditis, aortic dissection, stroke and pulmonary embolism; thrombosis and inflammation of other organs, especially of brain and spinal cord, disseminated intravascular coagulation, increased infections, including COVID, due to immunosuppression, cancer, autoimmune diseases, infertility, miscarriage and many more. This modified RNA genocide is the greatest medical crime in human history, a humanitarian disaster of unprecedented proportions!

Trump CV19 Vax Contract Violated by Pfizer – Karen Kingston…

The Pharma’s lied to President Trump and the people, right? People died because of this lies, right? This is a genocide and they wanted people to die, right? They knew what they were doing, right?

Insider Exposes Gates & Fauci ‘Bioweapon Plot’ To Kill Millions With Incurable Cancers…

We see now how many more people are dying on cancers, special young people, right? People who fought a cancer and won, got the cancer back after getting the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right?

We have now more people dying from all causes than before the covid-19 vaccine started, right? What is in this covid1-9 vaccine, why young people just die suddenly?

MRNA INJECTION CRIMES: Criminal Charges filed against 2 Doctors in Switzerland who put the needle into Pascal’s body of a known toxic untested clinically experimental Nuremberg violating substance without informing him about the potential risks…

People getting killed with this covid-19 vaccine and the government knows it, right? This is a mass murder or knowingly genocide, right?

@P_McCulloughMD: Pfizer’s Lack of Safety Concern Implies They’re Guilty of Domestic Terrorism… is there any guilt… who is on top…

We can all this also mass murder, right? Saying there was no dead people and knowing there was many dead people but still going to kill more people knowingly… is mass murder or genocide, right? Someone gave Albert an ok to say there was no problems? How is it with other pharma’s, like Moderna, AstraZeneca, J&J… because with all of this covid-19 vaccine people died, right?

How is when the military is involved with the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, is there any responsibility for anyone when the military is involved?

Who is was and is on top of this mRNA covid-19 vaccine?

How are they ever going to explain the excess mortality data in Australia… and the whole world…


More people die now than ever without war, right? How do they explain that more people die now with a vaccine than in 2020 without a vaccine?

We see here that the young one are dying more than the older ones, right? We have now a mRNA covid-19 vaccine pandemic, right?

Can we say this is genocide or mass murder from the young population with this mRNA covid-19 vaccine what the government mandated?

It happens everywhere in the world this excess death where they used the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right?

Fmr. Houston Methodist Reg. Nurse Jennifer Bridges Exposes the Hospital’s Appalling Behavior… this was genocide killing… the lies were so big…

What will happen to the people who ordered this? Who was in charge of the lies? How people died was against humans’ rights in America and unconstitutional, right? Who was and is on top of this corona pandemic hoax?

People were refused simple medicine what could have saved their live, that means it was mass murder, right?

THOUSANDS Of Canadian Children Are DYING SUDDENLY! Fully Vaxxed & BOOSTED Kids Unexpectedly DROP DEAD…


All of these kids were mRNA covid-19 vaccinated, right? This is mass murder by the government and the doctors, nurses who gives the shots, right?

It’s already over 96 kids died… like never before, right? Who is responsible?