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Dominion Voting machines… what does Dominion mean…

Why they chose the word dominion for their voting machine software?

Power Words (And More) From The Latin Roots Domus And Dominari


On the end, dominion means power over others, right? The word dominion has nothing to do with democracy, or it does… why the dominion voting software is using this name?

Just a remember what the governments did with social media…

All around the world, governments contacted twitter to remove truthful content, is this criminal? Which governments did this, to hide the truth from their own people?

Does is stop now this behavior from the governments, around the world to sensor their own people and hide the truth?

A Philippines court has issued an international arrest warrant for Bill Gates, as part of an investigation into the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out in the territory…

In what else than the mRNA covid-19 vaccine is Bill and hie Bill an Melinda Gates Foundation involved?

It’s going much deeper than what people think, the testing on humans is now worldwide and people don’t even know it, right?

Biden Regime Confirms Commitment To “Legally-Binding” Agreement Which Will Surrender U.S. Pandemic Authority To Chinese-Backed World Health Organization “For Generations To Come”



That means the WHO can whenever they want or decide we have a pandemic now, right? That means the WHO is above the constitution of America, right?

Why this is not number one news everywhere in the world that the WHO has power over more than 100 countries in the world?

Did you know that tomorrow, there will be a vote on @WHO’s CA+ draft, which will transform the WHO into a powerful public health technocracy with the power of a world government…

It’s only the start, right? Who will have the power? Who is involved, WEF, UN, WHO…? Is this legal for a non-American to be above the constitution of America?

WHO Pandemic Treaty – Most People Didn’t Buy Their Televised Johnny Nonsense Propaganda From MSM, more rules the WHO wants…

They lied to us with saying the covid-19 vaccine is safe, right? Who will be in charge of this new rules they want?

Synthetic Biology and technology will change civilization and those who are masters of that technology, will be masters of the world….

Klaus is a fan of communism, controlling the people like in China, and he wants this for the whole world, right?

Klaus wants the control all over the World? Who is going with him? He was speaker ate APEC summit 2022, just saying… Question, what this sign means? Think about it…