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Fauci vs. Fauci: A compilation of countless lies and contradictions on Gain of Function, Lab Leak Theory, Masks, Lockdowns, Vaccine Side Effects and Masks…

Fauci was and is lying to the people, right?

Why is this not valid to the covid-19 virus, the natural immunity? Fauci said this in 2004, what happen from 2004 until now?

DUTCH FARMER SPEAKING TRUTH “He says at the end you will own nothing and still be happy – But Mr. Klaus Schwab will own everything…He will never eat the insects he will force the poor people to eat insects”

Ask yourself, what is the goal of what the socialist, communists want? Are we doing better than 15 years ago or 25 years ago in everything? What is better now than 25 years ago? Are we happier than 25 years ago? Are we healthier than 25 years ago? Are we safer than 25 years ago?

Dominion Voting machines… what does Dominion mean…

Why they chose the word dominion for their voting machine software?

Power Words (And More) From The Latin Roots Domus And Dominari


On the end, dominion means power over others, right? The word dominion has nothing to do with democracy, or it does… why the dominion voting software is using this name?

Just remember for everyone what the governments all around the world did to the people because of covid-19 and other things… social medias where government controlled and still are…

They lied to us and to keep the lies up they censored the truth, right? Who got blocked for writing the truth, and who got blocked for lying? The truth was blocked, and the lies were published more, right?

Karma is here for everyone, sooner or later…

You treat someone the wrong way, it will come back to you in some other ways or the same way, right? This is one thing everyone should remember and think about it…

It also the other way around, you treat someone the right way, it will come back to you the right way, right?

Think about which way you chose…

Europe has already developed their plan for stripping home-owners of their assets…

Europe wants to take properties away from the people, right? You will own nothing and you will be happy… Klaus Schwab said this and it looks like it’s coming when people allow this, right?

“Putting this needle with this gene in their arm is nothing short of child abuse anywhere in the world. Wrong shot, wrong protein, wrong virus with a lipid nanoparticle that we don’t know where it’s gonna land. We do know it goes to their ovaries. We do know that these kids, most, have had COVID. You never give a vaccine to someone who’s recovered from a disease. It’s scientifically illogical. So, brain, heart, any organ. Don’t touch the children; it’s abuse.”

The pharma, governments, mass media politicians… are killing our children, right? Never give an experimental vaccine to all the children, it’s child abuse, could be mass murder genocide, right?

Why are they doing this, what’s the goal? Is it depopulation of the earth what has started? Again, it’s mass murder genocide like never done before in human history, right?

Why giving an experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine to the children when they 99,999% survive the infection without any problem?

Never forget who is reporting this and who is pro all of this, right?

Ask youself, who is doing this, the socialist communist democrats or the republican patriots?

Christian Nurse Suspended from NHS Certification Program for Saying ‘Being White Doesn’t Make You Racist”…


Since the socialist democrats in power everywhere in America and Europe, we having a race problem, right? More problems we have now and it doesn’t look like it will get better, right?

Do socialist democrats want this race problems? When some says you are racist for being white, the person who says this is a racist, right?

Removal Of Rights & Freedom Of Movement Over COVID Echo History Of Hitler & The Nazis…

It looks like the same system is used today, right?