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@RandPaulConfronts Moderna CEO About the Risk of Myocarditis in Young Males… Paul: “You’re saying that for ages 16 to 24, among males who take the COVID vaccine, their risk of myocarditis is less than people who get the disease”….


This is criminal, right? The covid-19 virus is not deadly at all for children and young adult, like the normal flue, why vaccinating them? Kids are dying mire since the mRNA covid-19 vaccine started, can someone explain why?

Nobody talk about kids having myocarditis in 2020, it started when the covid-19 vaccine started, right? Why making a myocarditis advertisement after the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine started for the kids?

The mRNA covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna can be deadly for kids, right? Why vaccinating kids when the virus is not deadly for kids, but the mRNA vaccine can be deadly? Is this a genocide or a mass murder when they know it can be deadly the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine and the strongest covid in 2020 was not deadly for healthy kids?

Pfizer Concludes “No New Safety Issue” Following Devastating Kidney Injuries After the Shot In the first 90 days after Pfizer’s mRNA rollout…

Pfizer knew that the kidney can be damaged from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, and they lied that everything is ok and 22 people die because of the lie, right? This is mass murder knowingly to kill many people and then not to stop the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right? How many people died after the 90 days of kidney issue until now because of the mRNA covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer?

Pfizer Doesn’t Know Exactly What’s In Its Products: Huge Impurities and Toxic Metals Found…

What exactly they putting in our body? Who is responsible for that, the government right? It’s happening all over the world?

Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals… U.S. patent number 11,107,588…

U.S. patent number 11,107,588 [Application Number 17/106,279] was granted by the patent office on 2021-08-31 for methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals. The grantee listed for this patent is Gal Ehrlich, Maier Fenster. Invention is credited to Gal Ehrlich, Maier Fenster.


They would know who is vaccinated with what and who needs to be vaccinated, right? That would mean total control over the people’s health, right?

That would mean the government can decide with an app who can enter and who can’t because of the vaccination status, right? It was already done under the covid-19 pandemic, right?

“I Was Severely Injured by the Moderna Vaccine” – Former Pussycat Dolls Member Shares Her Vaccine Injury Story…

It was said the covid-19 vaccine is safe for everyone, right?


How many people had the same or similar problem then Jessica from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine?

Can someone explain this?

No Organ Is Safe: Covid-19 Vaccine-Induced Autoimmune Attack in the Brain, the Heart, the Lungs, etc…

The covid-19 vaccine attacks the organs in the body, and the CDC, FDA, Government says the covid-19 vaccine is safe, right? It’s crime to say something is safe but it can kill you, right?

How many people have problems now what they didn’t have before getting the Covid-19 vaccine?

@P_McCulloughMD Explains Why the Jab, Not the Virus, Is Largely Responsible for Uptick in Heart Damage

That means they are killing people, right? It would mean saying the vaccine is safe and effective is a crime, fraud, genocide… right? Lying knowingly to the people and then people die of this lie is murder or mass murder, right?

They just lied to us knowingly… from the start about the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine…

People believed this lies and took the experimental covid-19 vaccine and die from it, is this criminal? How many of this people got the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine? All of their kids got the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine?

The covid-19 pandemic was illegal, they lied to us and took our constitutional rights away…

To take our freedom away is illegal and that what the governors did in 2020, right? To mandate an experimental vaccine is illegal, right? To force people to take an experimental vaccine is illegal and at the same time the white house, CDC, FDA, congress, Moderna, Pfizer… staff was not forced to take the experimental covid-19 vaccine, they were not under the covid-19 vaccine mandate, why, is it not safe for this people but it’s safe for everyone else in America?

In the constitution it says equal protection of the laws for everyone, right?

Why there weas no mandate for white house, CDC, FDA, congress, Moderna, Pfizer… staff?

Psychologist wonders if society is drugging kids without reason…

Why are we giving so many vaccines to our kids? How many kids are on prescription drugs now days?

Our kids now have so many allergies, since the mass vaccination started, right? No kid should be sick anymore, no kid should have allergies, every kid should be super powerful with all these vaccines, ask yourself, are they?

Now they even start to give an experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine to our babies, does all the parents knows it’s an experiment this mRNA covid-19 vaccine? It means it’s a test when it’s an experiment, right?