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The World Economic Forum Says It Will ‘Accelerate’ Implementation of Globalist Agenda 2030…


What have We the People to say about this? We didn’t elect the WEF, UN, WHO… why they think they have so much power?

‘Water is Not a Human Right’: WEF Orders Govt’s To Begin Rationing Water Into Homes…

This is worse than everything else, when someone controls the water in the world, right? Who they think they are?

Who from the West Socialist, communist, left, democrats… support this?

Europe has already developed their plan for stripping home-owners of their assets…

Europe wants to take properties away from the people, right? You will own nothing and you will be happy… Klaus Schwab said this and it looks like it’s coming when people allow this, right?

The WEF aims to automatically shut down electrical appliances and electric vehicles to save energy…

They want to control us with switch on and off button, right? We will have no freedom, right?

Everything works with power=electricity, right?

The new world order…

Synthetic Biology and technology will change civilization and those who are masters of that technology, will be masters of the world….

Klaus is a fan of communism, controlling the people like in China, and he wants this for the whole world, right?

Klaus wants the control all over the World? Who is going with him? He was speaker ate APEC summit 2022, just saying… Question, what this sign means? Think about it…


“Covid is critical because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize total biometrics surveillance,” Yuval want full control over the people and he works with Klaus at the WEF…

Klaus Schwab thinks the same and many more or all communists, right? Did Yuval get the covid-19 vaccine and all the boosters?

At the Davos WEF event titled “Are you ready for brain transparency?” The WEF speaker explained how brain-wave data collected by your ear pods will be used by your boss to make you “more productive” and help government authorities…

This technology exists already, who is using this already? The government will have full control over your thinking, no privacy anymore, right? Everything you thinking will be saved somewhere and some has access to it, right? It’s like the cloud, someone sees what people safe in the cloud, right?

There will be a new law about this, when you enter a spot, you need to have the earplugs and give access to your brain, right?

What when someone hacks your earplugs, and the government comes to your home because of your thinking?

The people will be totally controlled with that, right?

Remember who went to Davos at the WEF, and what they support…

We the People have to start eating crickets now, do they eat crickets too?

Everyone came in private plane and we have to fly now less because it’s not good for the so-called climate, right? They planning already the new climate lockdowns… right?

The next pandemic is already planned and will come, right? With the next pandemic they can go even deeper with their control over the people, right?

Everyone who was invited in Davos at the WEF supports people control, socialism, communism, right? There was someone who supports freedom for the people, freedom of speech, capitalism, open market… at The WEF this year?

How is the WEF involved in elections in the world?

Klaus went to Thailand at the APEC, why?


They hate Elon Musk, because they can’t control him… they hate freedom, because they can’t control people when they are free…

Why this woman promotes communism, dictatorship… right? We the people have the right to know the truth and the government doesn’t have the right to say what is the truth and what is not, right?

She is going against human rights, right? The UN is against freedom, freedom of speech, right?