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Since the covid-19 vaccine started, everything went up…

Miscarriages up 300%  
Cancers up 300%
Neurological issues up 1000%   

Why it this not a problem? Why the mass media is not reporting when people die from the covid-19 vaccine dies?

How many more people have to die so that the mass media is reporting? How many more people have to die so that the mRNA covid-19 vaccine is stopped?

Georgia State Senator Rick Williams. He’s a funeral director. His embalmer noticed the strange clots happening after the COVID vaccines rolled out in 30% of the cases.

So many people like never before in history have now health problems from the covid-19 vaccine and the covid-19 vaccine is still now distributed, right?

This is a genocide and a muss murder this covid-19 vaccine, right?

Why is it not stopped is the question?

What has to happen so that the covid-19 vaccine and boosters are stopped?

Everything was lie with this covid, the unvaccinated are doing good now and the covid-19 vaccinated are not doing good now, right?

Who got the covid-19 vaccine from the ones who mandated it in the whole world? When someone knows a vaccine is not working and can be deadly, would the someone take the vaccine?

The ‘vaccines’ are toxic, lethal, ineffective and must be stopped. They damage the brain, heart, liver, bone marrow, fetus, causing all sorts of harm in the body. CDC/FDA misinformation is causing death and injury…

Everyone who died, Rest in Peace

The mRNA covid-19 vaccine is dangerous and deadly, we see this with how many people already died from it and still day, right? Every day we see people dropping dead, without any symptoms before, just dying suddenly, right?

How many people have to die that people understand what’s going on?

He walk off the stage and just died after the concert…

How the covid-19 vaccine will affect the future for the people who got the mRNA covid-19 vaccine…

We don’t know how it will affect the future because there’re no long-term studies, right? People are still dying suddenly, right? Every day we see in the news that some just died, right?

The CDC Proves to Be Liars AGAIN as HPV-Related Cancers Increased over the Past 15 Years…

Obesity is the number one killer in America, why it gets promoted to be fat in America? What is in our food?

Now we have also this mRNA covid-19 vaccine and since it started the cancers are stronger and more in younger people, right?

All the food and medicines are approved by the FDA, right? What is the government doing with us, We the People?

BREAKING: British MP Andrew Bridgen Confronts Parliament, calls for an End to the Boosters and a Full Public Inquiry into How Every Agency Failed to Protect the Public…

People are dying from the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine, right? Why not stopping the vaccination of the people, why is it still going on?

Please help stop college vaccine mandates by filling out one simple form…


There are more kids dying with the covid-19 vaccine than without the covid-19 vaccine, right? Kids have now blood clots, heart attacks, myocarditis, sudden death etc… and all or 99.999% of them had the covid-19 vaccine, right? We didn’t have this kind of death in kids so regular, right?

Lets help Steve to get the data so that he can make this public so everyone can see it, right? There at the moment no data for kids, how many kids are dying on myocarditis, blood clots, heart attack, sudden death etc… from the covid-19 vaccine, right?



@P_McCulloughMD: Where Is the Public Outrage Over C19 Vaccine Deaths? “Any other cause of death (like a shooting) will cause an outrage. But if the C19 vaccine causes a death, no one seems to care.”….

Why nobody cares when so many die on the covid-19 vaccine? When someone dies on cardiac arrest, heart attack, blood clot… from the covid-19 vaccine, why no one cares?

Why no one cares when the white house, the congress, Moderna, Pfizer… didn’t had the covid-19 vaccine mandate and all the other Americans who wanted to work had to obey to the executive order from Joe?

Why no one cares that people just dropped t=dead after getting the mRNA covid-19 vaccine?

First-Ever Official Apology for COVID Vaccine Mandates… the covid-19 vaccine mandate was democratically voted, it means democracy is failure…

How people can move forward when they lost their child, husband, wife, family members, friend etc…. from the covid-19 vaccine what was illegally implemented by the Nuremberg Code?

It proves that a democracy is not good, when they can vote on everything, somethings like your body is yours and nobody can decide what someone has to put in their own body, right? By the Nuremberg Code it’s forbidden to implement a vaccine mandate for an experimental vaccine, right?


GATES VACCINE DEATHS: Worldwide Bill Gates is being accused of Pandemic Fraud and Vaccine Murder. India has two vaccine murder cases against him. In the Italian Parliament he is accused of depopulation and called a criminal….

What is it with this excess death in the world since the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine started?

Is Bill Gates vaccinated with this experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine and how is it with his kids? Can check this with a blood test?