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Thyroid problems from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, study shows that the covid-19 mRNA vaccines can create problems…

Everyone who got the mRNA covid-19 vaccine and boosters should check the Thyroid, to make sure everything is ok, right? When it’s not ok, there is medication for it, make sure to know it early and check it.

What is the thyroid?

What is the endocrine system?

What does my thyroid do?

What other organs and glands interact with the thyroid?

What conditions and disorders affect the thyroid?

What are the early warning signs and symptoms of thyroid problems?

What are common tests to check the health of the thyroid?

How are thyroid conditions treated?

How can I keep my thyroid healthy?

How are thyroid conditions treated?


Make a test when you got the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine, to make sure everything is ok, right?

Why is One Small Ohio Town Being Treated Like the Movie ‘Outbreak’ and the American Media is Silent…

The government decided to burn it and let it go in the clouds and the rain will put it down everywhere? How does this impact the farmland?

Why it started burning? What will it impact the health of humans? Who is responsible for that? When a train has this kind of dangerous load on it, why there was not done more for the safety?

 Justin Trudeau Hijacks Canada’s Healthcare and Threatens Provincial Premiers to Cut Off Healthcare Funding Unless They Agree to Digital Health ID…

It started already with this covid-19 scam, right? Digital ID means government control over everything, right?

Look what Justing did with the truckers, he froze the bank accounts and put them in jail for a peaceful protest against him, right?

Look what Justing did with the traveling ID under the covid scam?

We can call this also communism, right?

Justing is a dictator?

A healthy person is not a good person for pharma…

Look at our food, how many people are fat or obis?

Loo k what all the vaccines do to our kids…

How many people are on prescription drugs in America?

How many kids are on prescription drug in America?

Are Americans healthier than 40 years ago with all of these medicines, vaccines…?

What we drink, eat, breath, wear… is making us healthy or sicker?

Vitamins, Vitamin D, Food, Garlic, Herbs… to prevent getting sick and even healing infections naturally…

Garlic is good too or excellent to prevent infections…

Only with our food we can prevent to get sick and that our immune system is getting stronger.


“Listen, they are not predicting food shortages, they’re planning them!!”…

Since Joe is in the white House, food processing plants are burning down, everywhere, why? It looks like it’s a plan from the democrats to g=create a food shorted and putting the prices in the stores up, right?

Just read what Saul Alinsky wrote in the 70s and Saul was a mentor from Hillary Clinton… Everything what is going on for the last two years is in the Saul rules written, right?

Food control… just think about our food, what is in our food and water…

When your dog is to active, you can go to the store and buy some dog food what will calm down you dog, right? Has our food things too in to calm us down? How is it about the fast-food, what is in the fast-food?

We know that fluoride in the water, food… makes people better to control, right?

Fluoride in all of our drinking water, right? How does your tap water smells, think about it.

What are the benefits of garlic, how Garlic can heal and improve the body…

Everyone should check online how garlic can improve the health.



2. Improved memory

3. Improved blood pressure

4. Lower cholesterol

5. Reduced risk of heart disease

6. Athletic performance

7. Bone health

8. Nutritional and gut health

9. Anti-inflammation

10. Anticancer

11. Skin health

12. Heavy metal toxicity

Garlic is not a medicine, it’s 100 natural and can improve the health… Check online for yourself how it can help you.

By now you know PARASITES (along with their many poisons) are responsible for many serious illnesses…. but fewer people realize that parasites also ‘dumb us down’. Ivermectin, parasites, controlling people…

It would explain why our kids are getting so many vaccines… the pharma and the government doesn’t want people to be healthy, right?

When people depend on the government with medicines, it’s easy to control the people, right?

How many people are on prescription drug in America? How many kids are on prescription drugs in America?

The food is another controlling mechanism to make people sick and depended, look at the ingrediencies list of anything you buy in the store, there are so many things in it, we didn’t have 30 years ago and people where happier and healthier, right?

look at the bread… is this healthy?

Ask, why so many Americans are obis now days?

The government want us to fat and obis, because it’s better for the government to control us?

German Government data confirms the COVID Vaccinated did develop acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in Jan. 2022 & it caused 102k Excess Deaths over the year; a 276% increase on Deaths in 2020…

More people die now with the covid-19 vaccine than in 2020 without the covid-19 vaccine, right? We also have to know when a virus mutates it’s getting less strong, that means with the strongest covid-19 in 2020 less excess death with no covid-19 vaccine than with es less strong covid-19 and with the covid-19 vaccine, right?

The Covid-19 vaccine is killing us now?

How many people are now longer sick with a regular flu than before the Covid-19 vaccine started? This would mean the covid-19 vaccine is damaging the immune system, right? It would mean every sickness in the body will be fighting less from the immune system, it. would mean the cancers can developed better and faster and any other sickness, right?