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Paris, New York… people are getting out and demonstrate against the left, socialism, communism…

People have in off with what the governments are doing, right?

It’s all a plan what happens in our western society, right?

Now the Banking problems are coming or are here, right? We have problems everywhere now, right?

Silicon Valley Bank has now collapsed, and 95% of deposits were uninsured…


Who will lose money on this?

Who is getting rich with this collapse?


The world’s entire banking system is a fraud on the people…

Now everything is based on a credit and people don’t have money anymore and, on the end, people will lose, right?

Since Joe is in the White House America has more credit dead too, right? Now the taxes going up, more rules, more laws and on the end again, the people are losing, right? Everything in the stores is up, the gas is up, the diesel is up, and on the end again the people are losing, right?