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Researchers Pressured Twitter To Treat COVID-19 Facts as ‘Misinformation’…

People telling the truth and twitter punish them and says it misinformation, is this legal when they knew it was right, but twitter said it was not?

Pressure knowingly lies and then people die because of this lies, is that criminal?

The Biden administration’s casual violation of the first amendment… every journalist should be shocked…

This should be shocking for every journalist, that the government want to know which journalists are know the truth with what the government illegally did, right? How does freedom from the press works under the democrats?

Just a remember what the governments did with social media…

All around the world, governments contacted twitter to remove truthful content, is this criminal? Which governments did this, to hide the truth from their own people?

Does is stop now this behavior from the governments, around the world to sensor their own people and hide the truth?

These Twitter executives will get thrown under the bus and we’ll feel great about it for a few days, but what about the MILLIONS of people killed and injured because of their censorship?

How many people died because of this censoring and how many people will die because of this censoring?

How is it about Facebook, Google, YouTube and all the others who did this?

Is this a genocide of the people?

The FBI paid Twitter over $3.4 million of taxpayer dollars to censor stories – including the Hunter Biden laptop story…

Is this treason against the American people what the democrats did? Using our tax money to go against American people, how we call this what the democrats, FBI did? Who else got paid by the FBI?

What we know is that the mass media got paid by the government to report the lies of the covid-19 pandemic, again our tax money was used to take our constitutional rights away, right? How we call this?

Twitter executives asked if they have legal counsel present because they have interfered with a US Presidential election…

This is criminal, right? How is it with Facebook, Google, YouTube and all the others social medias?

Will they go down alone or will they say who give them the order from the government to do this?

Twitter shadow ban account from Lauren Boebert…

For joke they sensored Lauren, but allowed pedophiles on twitter, right? To ban a siting congress member to talk to the people for a joke about Hillary Clinton who is we see above the law, is this criminal?