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Pfizer Doesn’t Know Exactly What’s In Its Products: Huge Impurities and Toxic Metals Found…

What exactly they putting in our body? Who is responsible for that, the government right? It’s happening all over the world?

@RobertKennedyJr: The Chinese CDC Director Must Have Known C19 Was Circulating Before Event 201…

It was all planned, right? Just listen to what they said at the event 201 in Oktober 2019…

We even have Moderna CEO Stephanes Bancel saying that they had already in 2019, a 100’000 covid-19 vaccine ready… before the pandemic started in 2020, right?

“I Was Severely Injured by the Moderna Vaccine” – Former Pussycat Dolls Member Shares Her Vaccine Injury Story…

It was said the covid-19 vaccine is safe for everyone, right?


How many people had the same or similar problem then Jessica from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine?

Can someone explain this?

No Organ Is Safe: Covid-19 Vaccine-Induced Autoimmune Attack in the Brain, the Heart, the Lungs, etc…

The covid-19 vaccine attacks the organs in the body, and the CDC, FDA, Government says the covid-19 vaccine is safe, right? It’s crime to say something is safe but it can kill you, right?

How many people have problems now what they didn’t have before getting the Covid-19 vaccine?

@P_McCulloughMD Explains Why the Jab, Not the Virus, Is Largely Responsible for Uptick in Heart Damage

That means they are killing people, right? It would mean saying the vaccine is safe and effective is a crime, fraud, genocide… right? Lying knowingly to the people and then people die of this lie is murder or mass murder, right?

Betacoronavirus mRNA vaccine patent started on February 28 2020, Beta first appeared in September, October 2020…

Can someone explain how they can make a vaccine before the virus exists?

The mRNA covid-19 vaccine from Moderna was ready on 7.7.2020 and it’s still active,


We would not had a pandemic when they would have accepted that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to cure this covid-19…

An emergency in medicine only exists when there is no existing drug what helps against a virus or a sickness, right? The whole pandemic was planned, right?

Moderna started with the beta covid-19 vaccine in February 2020 but the first beta covid-19 virus appeared in September, October 2020, they were creating a vaccine before the virus existed, right? Did the beta covid-19 virus already exist in February 2020, it looks like, right? What does this means?

They just lied to us knowingly… from the start about the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine…

People believed this lies and took the experimental covid-19 vaccine and die from it, is this criminal? How many of this people got the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine? All of their kids got the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine?

The covid-19 pandemic was illegal, they lied to us and took our constitutional rights away…

To take our freedom away is illegal and that what the governors did in 2020, right? To mandate an experimental vaccine is illegal, right? To force people to take an experimental vaccine is illegal and at the same time the white house, CDC, FDA, congress, Moderna, Pfizer… staff was not forced to take the experimental covid-19 vaccine, they were not under the covid-19 vaccine mandate, why, is it not safe for this people but it’s safe for everyone else in America?

In the constitution it says equal protection of the laws for everyone, right?

Why there weas no mandate for white house, CDC, FDA, congress, Moderna, Pfizer… staff?

A pandemic only exists when there is no medication… an emergency use authorization for a vaccine is only approved when there is no other vaccine for the same sickness…

We have Ivermectin and HCQ what works for the covid-19 virus, right? That would mean it was illegal what the government did, right?

Than we have Moderna CEO who said that they were producing the covid1-9 vaccine already in 2019, that would mean we had a vaccine in 2020 when the pandemic started, and than when we have a vaccine for the sickness it’s not a pandemic, right?

The Beta covid-19 vaccine production stared end of February 2020, but the virus first appeared in September 2020, how is this possible?

Again, when a medication or vaccine exist, there is no pandemic, right?