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Wake Up People…

We getting killed by our own government when now the ones who are boosted die, right? How many people already died from sudden death, like cardiac arrest, heart attack since this mRNA covid-19 vaccine started? How many kids died on sudden death since 2021 compared to 2020 kids covid-19 death?

Almost no kids died in covid-19 in 2020, right?

Thank you Dr. Peter McCullough for being such a voice in this fight for our children! Parents please listen to this Cardiologists warning…

The covid-19 virus was never a risk for healthy children, right? The covid-19 virus was never a risk for young adults, right? Why vaccinating the kids for something what is not a danger for them?

How many kids died already since the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine started for the kids?

State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki helps Hillary Clinton cover-up elite pedophile/ human trafficking ring…

It looks like this is legal for the democrats, right?

NEW – The WHO Now Says COVID Vaccines Are Not Recommended for Healthy Kids and Teens “When it comes to 6 months of age and up to 17 years of age, it’s not recommended for most young teenagers”…

That prove it was and is an experiment this mRNA covid-19 vaccine and it’s against the law to mandate an experimental vaccine in America, right?

How many kids died of the covid-19 vaccine, what is not safe for the kids?

Why is it still going on in America this vaccination of babies, kids and teens?

How many kids got damage from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine?

California Pushes Ahead w/ ‘State-Sanctioned Kidnapping Bill’ Allowing Therapists to Take Children as Young as 12-Years-Old From Their Parents Without Notice…

Who owns the kids, the government? What will a normal parent do when they take the kids away illegally? The Nazis did this in school too, they owned the kids and the parents not anymore, right?

What the democrats what the parents to do when they take their kids away, what is the end goal of this?

Dad rips into school board over VILE teacher and his “Sexual Fantasy” assignments. He’s standing up for his daughter and EVERY child in the classroom against a predator/groomer and an enabling school board…

This is pedophilia, right? When someone would talk at work like the teachers do, there will be a lawsuit, right?

This is sexual grooming, right? Why they do this in school, why? Which party supports this in America?

Demonstrates Why the COVID Shot Is the Most Deadly Vaccine in History (12/6/21)

The data is from 2021, the first year of the covid-19 vaccine, the vaccination with the covid-19 vaccine is still going on, why? Not one healthy child died on the covid-19 virus and now they dying from the covid-19 vaccine, right?

Why are we giving this experimental covid-19 vaccine to children?

The pharma and government want to kill us?

Government report finds that fluoride lowers children’s IQ – bureaucrats quickly bury it…


Just check the water fountains in the schools, make a test how much fluoride is in the water what the kids are drinking… It can be filtered out but these filters are expensive… check it…

Please help stop college vaccine mandates by filling out one simple form…


There are more kids dying with the covid-19 vaccine than without the covid-19 vaccine, right? Kids have now blood clots, heart attacks, myocarditis, sudden death etc… and all or 99.999% of them had the covid-19 vaccine, right? We didn’t have this kind of death in kids so regular, right?

Lets help Steve to get the data so that he can make this public so everyone can see it, right? There at the moment no data for kids, how many kids are dying on myocarditis, blood clots, heart attack, sudden death etc… from the covid-19 vaccine, right?