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Fake pictures of people dropping in the street in China caused mass panic about the virus, but, live pictures of young athletes dropping on the sport field after the vax… nothing to worry about apparently…

Still now, people just dropping dead in their sleep, at work, playing, walking… and they had no problems, right?

Edward Dowd Presents Irrefutable Evidence Vaccine Mandates Killed & Disabled Countless Americans…

Excess death, disability is on the rise, right? It was less in 2020 without a covid-19 vaccine, why is it more now with a covid-19 vaccine? Ask yourself, are we healthier now with the covid-19 vaccine and boosters?

Almost no kids, teens, young adults died in 2020 from the covid-19 virus, why now we have so many now who dies from the covid-19 virus when the virus mutated and it’s less strong? Why we have now so many myocarditis after the covid-19 vaccine started? Why we have so much sudden death now since the covid-19 vaccine started? There was no sudden death in 2020, right? Why we have now so many new cancers?

Wake Up People…

We getting killed by our own government when now the ones who are boosted die, right? How many people already died from sudden death, like cardiac arrest, heart attack since this mRNA covid-19 vaccine started? How many kids died on sudden death since 2021 compared to 2020 kids covid-19 death?

Almost no kids died in covid-19 in 2020, right?

Sudden Death: More People Will Needlessly Die Because Doctors Aren’t Screening for Vax Side Effects…

1 from 5 people have now clinical myocarditis and have maybe around 5 years left in their life… because also they don’t even know they have myocarditis and still push their heart, right?

Evgen in kids it’s now common to have myocarditis, the commercial prove us this, right?

In 2020 almost nobody knew myocarditis, it started when the covid-19 vaccine started, right?

Why is it not a problem this sudden death now days? Healthy people just dying in the street, at work, playing, sleeping, walking… and these people had no issue before and are dead 10 seconds later, that means the heart just stopped, right?

Dr. McCullough US Senate: to Save Lives Pull the COVID-19 Vaccines off the Market…

How many died already from the covid-19 vaccines? Kids, young adults just dying suddenly, and it didn’t happen like this before the covid-19 vaccine started, right?

How many people will die in the future from the covid-19 vaccine, because we still see healthy people dying suddenly, right?

The problem is it doesn’t stop this dying suddenly, right?

With no covid-19 symptoms, you were the problem… remember…

It’s not a problem that young adults, kids… dies from blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks etc… right? There is no problem because the mass media is not reporting this, right?

Think about it, we didn’t have these problems before the covid-19 vaccine started in kids, young adults, right?

Can someone explain, why healthy young people just die suddenly after getting the mRNA covid-19 vaccine? Is there an explanation?

Can some explain why this mRNA covid-19 vaccine and booster are safe and effective when we see this? How many people can die so that they still can say it’s safe and effective by law?

It’s said that this number are not the real numbers of injuries, death etc… it’s much more…

This was last year this report, now it’s even more, we don’t even know right?

Autopsy proven @Pfizer myocarditis kills a perfectly healthy man within hours right in front of doctors with all resuscitation capabilities in a hospital and takes teenage boys at home at sleep with no chance for CPR…

Healthy athletes just dying on the field, healthy people just dying on the street, at work, walking, having fun… right? All of this people feel super healthy and 15 seconds later they are dead, why the mass media is this not questioning?

Even in kids now, myocarditis is a normal thing now that they even make advertisement to treat this… This all started when the covid-19 vaccine started, right?

Since the covid-19 vaccine started, everything went up…

Miscarriages up 300%  
Cancers up 300%
Neurological issues up 1000%   

Why it this not a problem? Why the mass media is not reporting when people die from the covid-19 vaccine dies?

How many more people have to die so that the mass media is reporting? How many more people have to die so that the mRNA covid-19 vaccine is stopped?

@DowdEdward: “If the sudden deaths we’re seeing were occurring in the unvaccinated, this would be on every news channel 24/7. But it’s not. That’s all you need to know.”…

Why is nobody asking why the sudden death syndrome happens only in the covid-19 vaccinated people?

Young healthy people are dying like never before… it’s not a problem for the news, politic etc…

Why young healthy people are dying? Why people just die suddenly when they are healthy and 10 seconds later, they are dead?

Why young people have more cancer now than ever before? Everything started when the covid-19 vaccine started, right?

In 2020 nobody healthy just died suddenly in the street, at home, sleeping, working, walking etc… right? It started that healthy people just died suddenly in the street, at home, sleeping, working, walking etc… when the mRNA covid-19 vaccine started, right?

Think about it, in 2020 everyone who died on this Covid-19 or corona, died in the hospital, right?