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Confirmed! Globalists Attacking Infrastructure To Collapse Civilization…


We having so many disasters now, why? This is not normal, someone is doing this, right? Remember under President Trump, we had thousands of fires and now we have only a few, why?

Why we had so many food processing plants destroyed in 2021 and 2022?

Now we are having this train derailment everywhere, and they all have gas, chemicals etc… right?

What is next?

“Listen, they are not predicting food shortages, they’re planning them!!”…

Since Joe is in the white House, food processing plants are burning down, everywhere, why? It looks like it’s a plan from the democrats to g=create a food shorted and putting the prices in the stores up, right?

Just read what Saul Alinsky wrote in the 70s and Saul was a mentor from Hillary Clinton… Everything what is going on for the last two years is in the Saul rules written, right?

Food shorted, the government told us last year… the egg yolk is good for the health of the people…


Less chicken and less eggs, the prices going up 2-4 times, who is responsible? Chickens are not legging eggs, is it because of the food for the chicken? Is the government involved so that people are not eating eggs anymore? The egg yolk supposal is good for the health of the people, is it that why we have now an egg problem, the government doesn’t want healthy people?

Food shorted, Joe even said it will happen, right?


The Global Food Supply is Under Attack…

Food plants are getting destroyed since Joe is in the white house, right? The mass media is not even covering this, what does this means? Is the government involved?

Another problem is that the fertilizer prices are up and the farmers have to put the price up and, on the end, the food price in the stores are getting higher, right? Look at the salad, how much a salade was 2 years ago and now how much is it?

Whistleblower Reveals What is Behind the Mass Attacks on US Food Facilities…


It all started in 2021 und Joe Biden and the democrats these fires on food processing plants, right?

Who is responsible for that? This never happen before in history like this, who did this? Was it planned?

Dutch farmers out in force again today, supported by truckers and public…

Why does the Dutch government want control the food source? Jow is the WEF involved in this?

They want to control the food supply all over the world, it looks like, right? We have now already a fertilizer problem, thanks to the politicians, right?

What is the goal of this? Complete government control? That means communism like in China?

Have some Walmart’s been tasked with conducting ‘food-shortage trials’ to test public response…

Is this just a test to see how people reacts when there is no more food? Why are they doing this? He talk to the manager and the manager did not tell him maybe there was something wrong with the temperature control or something else, what’s going on?

We see all the prices are up in the store about food, there will be a food shorted?

2007 Colbert Report making fun about depopulation… it’s coming, it’s not fun…

We have now food shorted, covid-19 vaccine death, wars, democrats are fighting for more abortion, more restrictions, gas shorted, crimes are up, suicide are up, SADS… everything is good for the depopulation, right?

Suspicious fertilizer plant fire adds to fears that America’s food supply infrastructure is being targeted…


Fertilizers for the farmers are 3 times higher than 2 years ago, why?

Food processing plants are burned down…

Someone is creating a food shorted in America and Europa?