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Welcome to the matrix, The Quantum Computing Company…

Everything is already online, right? Just think about what happen with the PCR test samples? They have now your DNA, address, name, race, country… right? What will happen with this information, how will it be used?

Trump CV19 Vax Contract Violated by Pfizer – Karen Kingston…

The Pharma’s lied to President Trump and the people, right? People died because of this lies, right? This is a genocide and they wanted people to die, right? They knew what they were doing, right?

Cancer coming back, excess cancer… since the experimental covid-19 vaccine started…

Many people who were cancer free for years got the cancer back after the covid-19 vaccine, right? The cancer was so strong after the covid-19 vaccine, and people died on it, right?

Who knows someone who had the cancer come back after the covid-19 vaccine and could fight it again and is now ok?

Thyroid problems from the mRNA covid-19 vaccine, study shows that the covid-19 mRNA vaccines can create problems…

Everyone who got the mRNA covid-19 vaccine and boosters should check the Thyroid, to make sure everything is ok, right? When it’s not ok, there is medication for it, make sure to know it early and check it.

What is the thyroid?

What is the endocrine system?

What does my thyroid do?

What other organs and glands interact with the thyroid?

What conditions and disorders affect the thyroid?

What are the early warning signs and symptoms of thyroid problems?

What are common tests to check the health of the thyroid?

How are thyroid conditions treated?

How can I keep my thyroid healthy?

How are thyroid conditions treated?


Make a test when you got the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine, to make sure everything is ok, right?

The mRNA covid-19 vaccine, the past, the present, the future..

People started dying when it started, people are dying now from the covid-19 vaccine shot and people will die in the future from the shot, right?

Albert says they are working on the mRNA since 2018 to have flu shot with mRNA…

How many people died on the mRNA shots from 2018 to 2020?

The mRNA was not proven to be good, Albert says, right? That means it was and is an experiment because people are dying from it, right?

Who is behind all of this, who wanted to use this new technology mRNA shots on the people?

Remember when Joe moved to the White House in 2021, he stopped the production of the mRNA covid-19 vaccine from President Trump for two months, because he said it’s not good and there will be changes made, right? What changes were made?

New Regulation came with Joe Biden…


Dr. Scott Atlas: No Civilized Society Should Ever Use Children as Human Shields to Protect Grandma… Experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine for our kids…

How many Kids died already from the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine?

The CDC director says why they are putting in the Childrens vaccines is because that even poor families can get it for free, right? The mRNA covid-19 vaccine for the kids is under emergency use, that means they testing on our kids, right?

We are all distracted from what really going on…

The local news talk like everything is ok, meantime people can’t afford food for the family anymore, right? Everything is controlled by the government and the news media is part of it, right?

Who is in charge of all of this, because all the governments going the same way, right?

Study Funded By The NIH Finds That 40.2% Of Vaccinated Women Experienced Menstrual Changes…

How will that impact these women later life who had this problem after the covid-19 vaccine? The fertility has changed too or not from the covid-19 vaccine? It’s still said the covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective, when the menstrual change is this considered safe? It also changes it back to normal or it stays changed?