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Green Ukraine, perfect to grow, perfect location to grow… government food control… digital control…

The lefts want control over our food production, right? Bill Gates bought so much farmland in America, why? The WEF wants the farmland from the farmers in the Nederland, right?

It’s all about controlling what people eats, it’s so simple, right? Who ever has the control over the food has the control over the people, right?

We have now multiple ways the left can go to depopulate the earth, food, war, vaccines, medicine, water climate change, oil, gas, digital passport control, digital banking, no more cash, nano tech, etc… just look what happen the last two years, right?

People who are healthy are not good customer of the pharma… it’s starts when people are kids now…

With all the vaccine we have now for the kids, we should not have any kids on drugs or have any allergies or any sickness, right? Kids have more allergies than ever, kids are sicker, kids are on prescription drugs… since this mass vaccination started with over 70 shots of vaccine when they are younger than 16, right?

Study Finds Massive Disparity in Chronic Disease Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children…

Who is healthier, unvaccinated or the vaccinated ones?

In this study, vaccinated kids have more health problem, right? It should be the other way around, right?

Our kids should be so healthy, without any allergies, no kid should be on prescription drugs… right? How many kids are on prescription drug now compare to 40 years ago wen there was only a few vaccines? Now we have over 70 shot of vaccines for our kids the first 16 years, our kids should be so healthy, right?

A healthy person is not a good person for pharma…

Look at our food, how many people are fat or obis?

Loo k what all the vaccines do to our kids…

How many people are on prescription drugs in America?

How many kids are on prescription drug in America?

Are Americans healthier than 40 years ago with all of these medicines, vaccines…?

What we drink, eat, breath, wear… is making us healthy or sicker?

Bill Gates about vaccines for our kids… our health now compared to 30-50 years ago…

People and kids should not have any problems anymore with all the vaccines, right? People and kids have more health problem now than before this extreme vaccination started, right?

How many kids have asthma now and compare to 30 years ago?

How many kids are on prescription drug already now compared to 30 years ago?

How many adults are on prescription drug compared to 30 years ago?

Why so many people are obis now compared to 30 years ago?

50 years ago and now…

6-month-old #died suddenly: found pulseless in crib 10 days after Covid jab…


The baby died from the vaccines, right? Why are we giving so many vaccines to new baby? The baby would be alive without the vaccine, right? How many babies die like this after getting these vaccines?

How can we call this? The parents can choose the vaccines in the hospital, and can say no to the vaccines?

How many babies die like this now? More babies are dying like this since the mRNA covid-19 vaccine started for 6-month-old babies? We all have to know, this mRNA covid-19 vaccine is a experiment, that means it’s not safe, and they testing on babies, right? Do parents know that the Pfizer mRNA covid-19 vaccine is under emergency use for babies, does the hospital says this to the parents?


Autism in Children now and 40 years ago…

The vaccines making our kids sick, right? With all of these vaccines today, our kids should be super healthy, but they are nor, right?

Kids in the 70’s and kids today…

In the 70’s almost no kids were vaccinated, or maybe 1 or 2 vaccines, right? Now days kids have allergies, kids are on prescription drugs, kids are sicker… right? We have now so many vaccines for kids and kids are sicker, more kids have allergies than ever, right?

It should be the other way around, kids should be super healthy with all the vaccines, are they?

Does the pharma industry know this that kids are sicker, kids have more allergies…?

Bill Gates says how to reduce the world population… what is going on today with the covid-19 vaccine…

That means the vaccines will kill some people when the vaccine helps to reduce the world population, right?

This was around in 2009, at this time the world had around 6.8 billion people, right?


Now we are over 8 billion…


We all know now, since the covid-19 vaccine started, more people die on the covid-19 than in 2020 when we didn’t have a covid-19 vaccine, right? We have now excess death all over the world since the covid-19 vaccine started, right?