Conspiracy Theorist research… or who is lying…

When the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine works, why there was no mandate for the White House staff, no mandate for the whole congress, No mandate for the supreme court, no mandate for Pfizer, Moderna… ?
It means the experimental mRNA covid-1`9 vaccine was a test, experiment on the people and was and is not safe when this people who makes the mandate don’t have to complay, right?

Everyone should understand this, right?

What is the plan of this experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine, depopulation? We have now excess death all over the world, except Africa because they didn’t mandate it, right?

Why do we have war now in the world and the left socialist is supporting this?

Why do we have a food shorted now and all the prices in the stores went up and the left socialist are supporting this, because it’s not changing, right?

Why the governments want the control over the farmers land?

Why is the news media so much lying to the people? Who pays the news media?

Why everything has to become digital?

Why the government doesn’t like cash money?

Why the southern border is open?

Why the tax increased?

Why crimes went up?

Why suicide went up?

Why are we having so many sudden deaths in America?

Why healthy young people just dropping dead everywhere?

There are many more questions, but all of these questions appeared when Joe went to the White House two years ago, right?

Are we doing good in America?

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