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Further insights into the anti-human, depopulation obsessed mindset of globalist technocrats, thinly veiled behind the veneer of “environmentalism”…

They talking already since ac while ago about depopulation, right? Why the governments bring new people in our society when we getting natural less? Why the southern border is wide open? Why Europe brings new people in to Europe?

Why they hiding the depopulation and change of society?

The depopulation will come truth vaccines? What is Bill Gates saying here with 7 billion people, and what happen with the rest of 1.2billion people on earth?

WEF, NWO, GREAT RESET, AGENDA 21 – THE NEW WORLD ORDER This is not a conspiracy theory…

For this plan Agenda 21, we are to many people on earth, right? There will be a depopulation?

For the whole thing to happen, they need digital money, right? They only can control the people with digital money, right?

JPMorgan Chase CEO suggests government seize private property to quicken climate initiatives…

Like Klaus Schwab said, “you own nothing, and you will be happy…” This is total government control, and the people will lose, and the rich will get richer, right? This is total government control, it’s called communism, right?

This is a tweet from the WEF, check it out… Listen to them what they are saying, don’t ignore it, because when it’s starts, it’s to late…. right?

DUTCH FARMER SPEAKING TRUTH “He says at the end you will own nothing and still be happy – But Mr. Klaus Schwab will own everything…He will never eat the insects he will force the poor people to eat insects”

Ask yourself, what is the goal of what the socialist, communists want? Are we doing better than 15 years ago or 25 years ago in everything? What is better now than 25 years ago? Are we happier than 25 years ago? Are we healthier than 25 years ago? Are we safer than 25 years ago?

Conspiracy Theorist research… or who is lying…

When the experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine works, why there was no mandate for the White House staff, no mandate for the whole congress, No mandate for the supreme court, no mandate for Pfizer, Moderna… ?
It means the experimental mRNA covid-1`9 vaccine was a test, experiment on the people and was and is not safe when this people who makes the mandate don’t have to complay, right?

Everyone should understand this, right?

What is the plan of this experimental mRNA covid-19 vaccine, depopulation? We have now excess death all over the world, except Africa because they didn’t mandate it, right?

Why do we have war now in the world and the left socialist is supporting this?

Why do we have a food shorted now and all the prices in the stores went up and the left socialist are supporting this, because it’s not changing, right?

Why the governments want the control over the farmers land?

Why is the news media so much lying to the people? Who pays the news media?

Why everything has to become digital?

Why the government doesn’t like cash money?

Why the southern border is open?

Why the tax increased?

Why crimes went up?

Why suicide went up?

Why are we having so many sudden deaths in America?

Why healthy young people just dropping dead everywhere?

There are many more questions, but all of these questions appeared when Joe went to the White House two years ago, right?

Are we doing good in America?

The WEF aims to automatically shut down electrical appliances and electric vehicles to save energy…

They want to control us with switch on and off button, right? We will have no freedom, right?

Everything works with power=electricity, right?

The new world order…

Great Reset | “Countries Will Begin Negotiations On a Zero Draft of a New Pandemic Accord, Grounded In International Law.” – Tedros (Director general of the World Health Organization) + “COVID Makes Surveillance Go Under the Skin.”…

This digital slavery, right? They say it out loud, so nobody can say we didn’t know, right? Right now, they are telling you what they want to do, but when it’s in full gear they will not tell you anymore…. right? Under communism you obey, or you will be punished, the same und socialism, right?

Look at China, the Chinese people can’t say anything when they don’t like something, right? Venezuela is the same, right? The people will be put under drugs with food, drinking, medicine etc… and the people will obey better…. Hitler did this already with this fluoride in the water, right?

This covid-19 pandemic was just the official start… right?

Synthetic Biology and technology will change civilization and those who are masters of that technology, will be masters of the world….

Klaus is a fan of communism, controlling the people like in China, and he wants this for the whole world, right?

Klaus wants the control all over the World? Who is going with him? He was speaker ate APEC summit 2022, just saying… Question, what this sign means? Think about it…


Dr. Mike Yeadon: “When People Tell You What They’re Going to Do, Don’t Ignore Them”… Covid was just the start…

Just listen…

Listen to them with what is coming, it will not be good for the people’s freedom, right?