Insect in food…

Insects found in JUNK FOOD
2) Much like shellfish allergies, chitin allergies are an anaphylaxis risk. Not reading labels of food stuffs containing insect protein can prove to be a huge problem. Even if not allergic, it can induce lung inflammation.

3) in addition to inflammation, when you block one of the major therapeutics that treat inflammation, that could be disastrous.

4) In countries and populations naive to this component in their diet, will there be dose response severity? Who wants to roll the dice? By binding to Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR-2) it triggers inflammation.

5) We are carnivorous. Their goal is to take away meat, under the completely false guise of #FakeAGW aka anthropogenic climate change. Truth is, it’s easier to rule a weaker population. That said, will they start sneaking insect protein in our foods? Nothing fancy, just crickets

6) Read your labels and when you find it, share it on social media to alert others of this potentially harmful additive. Any ingredient that came from something with an exoskeleton should be labeled with an allergy warning.

7) and H/T to on evidence if prion rods in some ectopods. That’s a risk I’m not too interested in taking.

Who wants this to eat and not knowing?

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